Some Necessary Steps Need to Ensure After the Coronavirus Epidemic

The coronavirus is a global epidemic. Corona is a virus that spreads very quickly, and Specialist finds this virus every country in the world. The corona epidemic has so far killed approximately one million people worldwide. The virus is set to strike for the second time in America, Italy, France, and Europe. World Health Organization find this virus 31,553,490 peoples body with the death rate of 4%, and 970,566 people died so far. But one good news is it has a reasonable recovery rate of 96%, and 7,353,308 people recovered from this virus.

In the aftermath of the epidemic, we have to follow some rules.

Social Awareness:

Social awareness is required, along with patience, unity, and sociability, to deal with difficult times. Since corona is a contagious virus, we need to be extra vigilant and make everyone aware.only the collective awareness of all can resist this terrible epidemic with a firm hand. In addition to social awareness, we also need to support people who have lost their jobs in the epidemic. 

Maintaining social distance:

Indeed, the coronavirus will significantly change people’s lives in the future. Just as we consciously adhered to social distances during corona, we need to continue to adhere to a social space in the future as well. We have to go out for work, but we have to be very careful as well. We must refrain from shaking hands.

Wearing Safety Masks:

When we go out of the house, we have to wear a face mask as protection, of course. We have to use approval masks of the Health Organization. Covers protect us a lot from virus attacks. 

The department of Health has formulated some policies for the coronavirus period, and we should continue to follow these rules after the corona epidemic.

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