Spying Whatsapp on Non-Rooted Android Phone Is Now Possible

Whatsapp is the most widely used messenger globally. It has 2.7 billion active users in 2020, making it the communication giant in all aspects. The platform has posed massive convenience to the users that it captured billions of users worldwide.

According to a report, more than 95% of smartphone users always use Whatsapp for the accomplishment of their activities. It has been the blue ocean in the dynamics of communication in the digital age.

But at the same, there are some serious implications that have been posed by the platform. The app has posed serious threats to the moral and ethical standing of the kids and the secrecy of businesses in the digital world.

For this reason, the business owners and parents look to have a close watch over the Whatsapp usage of their target users over android devices. But there is a problem in executing the purpose.

A number of end-users want to do this for non-rooted android phones. The said functionality was not available previously, but now it is very much on the cards. A fine spy app, TheOneSpy, has started spying Whatsapp service for non-rooted android phones.

Threats to the kids

A few researches are conducted about the pattern and trend of communication and Whatsapp usage among the kids and proposed the following dynamics.

It is observed that the platform is home to a bunch of immoral and inappropriate activities by the kids. A large number of Whatsapp groups are in place that operate with the objective of spreading inappropriate content over the internet.

The groups operate with the objective of targeting kids for becoming a part of their community to augment their unlawful business and presence.

Another concern of parents about their kids using Whatsapp is that there are number of cases that reported strangers getting into teens’ lives through social media, more specifically Whatsapp.

This is done when kids join Whatsapp groups by getting group join invites over the internet. A large number of Whatsapp group links are there in the cyberspace that seek expansion of their network for accomplishing unlawful purposes.

  • Strangers getting into kids life
  • Kids viewing inappropriate content
  • Criminals targeting family’s financial standing

The admins and criminals in the groups get in touch with the kids and try to get into their personal networks. They try to know the kids’ secrets and then exploit them for getting illegitimate benefits.

Targeting family’s financial standing is one of the most common objectives of these criminals; they look to find out parents’ financial credentials through their kids.

The kids also view inappropriate and immoral content after becoming a part of these groups, so this is needed to be addressed comprehensively.

Threats for the businesses

The business owners have a number of concerns about their employees using Whatsapp at the workplace. It is reported in some cases that a few employees share deep side business secrets through Whatsapp with competitors or unconcerned or irrelevant individuals, who are not supposed to be shared the business stuff with.

So, the employers look to have a strong mechanism and protocol that can assist them in keeping a close check on their employees. So, the employers look for a spying solution that can monitor Whatsapp activities over the non-rooted android phone.

The best Whatsapp spy service is TheOneSpy

The app has started offering services in 2014 and continues to provide state-of-the-art solutions. The app can be installed on android phones without root. The end-user only needs to purchase the subscription of the app, install the app on the target phone by accessing the phone physically, and they are all set to spy on their target users.

Chats monitoring through TheOneSpy

All the group and individual chats of the target phone can be viewed for all the communication, providing a fair insight into all the take-ups of the target user.

Multimedia monitoring

All the images and videos shared can be extensively monitored.

Voice notes and VoIP and video calls tracking

The end-user can listen to all the voice notes, VoIP, and video calls of the target Whatsapp.


The best Whatsapp spy app for non-rooted android phones is TheOneSpy and serves all the concerns and issues of parents and employers.

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