Statement Hand Jewelry to Adore Your Hands

Plain, empty hands not striking the right appeal. Do you wish to beautify your hands so that you can wave and flaunt them elegantly? If yes, this is the right place. For more information, keep reading.

The amazing hand jewelry pieces revive your hands and make them exude an eye-catchy look. Although jewelry experts don’t speak a lot about the Indian traditional handpieces, they are still in demand. Known to beautify your hands, hand jewelry is a must for Indian women. Ranging from traditional aesthetics to contemporary patterns, there are hand jewels for every occasion. Especially, the curated range of jewels worn at weddings will leave you awestruck. Checkout this collection of Puravida Bracelets.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a sneak peek into the types of hand jewelry available in the market out there.

#1. Haathphool and Armlets:

Encapsulating the magnificent traditional vibe, hathphool and armlets have come a long way holding their popularity intact. These pretty handpieces are also named hand chain, hath kamal, and hath panja. These are the staple hand jewels for brides and bridesmaids. These exquisite jewelry pieces are available in a range of design options. The enchanting collection of hathphool includes:

  • Beaded Haathphool.
  • Embellished Kunda Haathphool.
  • Mandala Design Haathphool.
  • Diamond studded Haathphool.
  • Polka and stone studded Haath Phools.

What is more? The drooling haathphools are now also available in modern-day, lightweight designs.

#2. Bangles:

Bangles are one of the most ancient types of hand jewels available. These subtle pieces can be found in every Indian women’s jewelry collection. Without wearing bangles no traditional outfit can be ever complete. The oh-some-awesome models of gold bangles available in a wide range are just enough to complement your look. Add sparkle to your hands with a beautifully crafted gold bangle design ranging from minimal to intricate detailing.

  • Gujarati Bangles.
  • Gold Emerald Bangles.
  • Knitted layered Gold Bangles.
  • Floral Gold Bangles.
  • Thin tube Gold Bangles.

The gold bangles collection is available in both 18k and 22 k variants.

#3. Bracelets:

The ravishing range of bracelets brings an unrivaled beauty to your hands. Designed to complement your traditional as well as the contemporary look, bracelets are really amazing hand jewels. The subtle chain bracelets effortlessly go well with your contemporary outfits, like long gowns, jacket-style suits, and crop tops and skirts. These bracelets snuggle wrap around your wrist to enhance your overall look.

Given below are some latest bracelet designs in gold:

  • Chain bracelets.
  • Cuff bracelets.
  • Charm bracelets.
  • Tube bracelets.
  • Diamond studded bracelets.
  • Knit detail bracelets.

Aren’t these hand jewels perfect to sparkle and shine in your hands? I hope these handpieces help you style your next look. The whole lineup of hand jewels boasts of a vast collection. Hence, there is something for everyone. And if still in doubt, then go for a pretty watch to adorn your delicate hands. Wearing a watch is one of the best ways to create focus around your wrists.

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