Steps to apply indigo powder at home

Indigo is a naturally occurring oldest hair color from the indigo plant, also called Indigofera tinctoria, fermentation of its leaves. The shrubs sustain in tropical regions mostly and are found in temperate localities of India. Indigo from herbal hair color manufacturers is the easiest hair dye, which delivers you a gorgeous indigo color on the greys if you desire a precise indigo hair color. The Indigofera tinctoria also has amazing medicinal uses and today we will discuss the steps to apply indigo powder at home.

It can also be mixed with henna in accurate proportions to achieve a black hair dye color. Of course, it’s very safe to use Heena and Indigo powder for coloring the hair because both are natural dyes and it is chemical-free; it’s purely a natural hair color. Indigo’s deep blue blends with Henna’s orange to present hair with a brown to black color. Isn’t it absolutely impressive to have these green leaves disperse a vigorous rich and deep blue shade of hair dyes?

Though indigo is thought of mainly as a natural blue dye, it’s other amazing hair benefits too.

  • Some of these benefits of Indigo Powder are:

-It gives a natural color to grey hair with no problematic consequences.

-It also works as a hair conditioner by making it glossy and satiny.

-It helps to cool the scalp & works well as dandruff eliminating cure.

-Treats headaches & helps to achieve sound sleep for those who have a problem sleeping at night.

-It does make the hair glossy, supple, and manageable which furnishes an attractive look to the pretty hair.

-It will help in covering grey hair in a realistic style while sustaining the look and feel of the hair. Gray hair tends to be stubborn, and when it comes all the way down to henna and indigo being so natural it is a plus point with no synthetic ingredients but on the other hand, nature takes its course of time. Especially, if you have dark hair.

KEO manufactures high-quality Natural indigo powder for hair coloring purposes as they are herbal hair color manufacturers for the last 25 years. It is very essential to keep in mind that because of its nature of organic color, it doesn’t exactly give a deep color to virgin (or chemically treated) dark hair instantly. After 24 hours its true color starts to take a powerful state. 20 years ago, KEO was the primary company to introduce indigo to use in hair coloring. They take every measure to construct the most effective quality indigo powder by conducting regular inspections.

  • Before starting with the steps to apply indigo powder at home, here are some tips to keep in mind

-Apply Vaseline along your hairline to avoid indigo stains. Even if you do get it then the color on your skin will dissolve with time.

-Mixing with warm brewed black coffee or tea leaves helps to darken the color towards a black-ish hair dye, it is up to you.

-If you cannot stand the smell of henna or indigo then you may add any essential oils to the mixture to overcome the smell and have calm-smelling hair dye.

-You should certainly wear old or tattered clothes to avoid any stains

– Try to not mix extra hair dye as it decreases the effect but store the leftovers in a very dry and cool cabinet.

– Lastly, avoid any heat styling tools to make the hair color last longer

  • Steps to apply indigo powder at home

The following are the guide steps to apply indigo powder at home and enjoy the quick salon style at home. It is vital to follow each step very carefully.

Step 1 – Please ensure your hair is clean and dry to discover maximum results. Take Natural indigo powder as per the length of your strands as mentioned in the package, and mix it in not any metallic utensils with lukewarm water until it is cake-like batter consistency. The dye mixture should be consistent enough to use easily but not too watery that it slides off your tresses. Keep it aside for activation for a couple of minutes.

Step 2 – Put your gloves on & separate your hair into sections to attain maximum coverage. With a brush or together with your gloved hands, apply the mixture from root tips working down; each section at a time. So that you can go to every corner for coverage.

Step 3 – Always wear a transparent cap after putting the hair in a bun while the dye does the magical work

Step 4 – Rinse the color only with water and then shampoo well to form sure no residue is left. For even better results, use a conditioner of the same brand as the shampoo.

So are you coloring your hair the shade of indigo or are you coloring your hair the shade of indigo?

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