Stone Carpet- The All-rounder For Indoors And Outdoors

Whether you just bought a new apartment or built one, setting it up to your taste and standard is quite tedious, from choosing materials to beautify the outdoors to the settings indoors.

One special area that needs to be well made and beautified is the floor area. Irrespective of your house type, you have to find the best floor pattern and design that will complement the structures.  It is on this premise that we take a look at stone carpet__ one of the most sought-after floor finishes.

In this article, we shall identify what a stone carpet is, the materials mixed to form a stone carpet and why you need it in your home. Similarly, you can check for various uses and advantages of having a natural stone carpet in your space at

What Is A Stone Carpet

The Stone Carpet or natural stone carpet is a slightly corrosive, open-pored floor covering made of quartz gravel or marble gravel. When you touch a stone carpet, you can feel tiny grains of quartz and pebbles.

The stone carpet has been used across different types of buildings, mostly commercial structures, for over 40 years. Recently, private homeowners are seeing the benefits of having one in their homes.

Stone carpets are sometimes likened to cobblestone or terrazzo. However, they are different in texture and formation. In making a stone carpet, the gravel is mixed with a binder (made of epoxy or polyurethane resin ). It is then applied to primed substrates that include concrete, screed, tiles, or wood with a float.

The stone carpets are purely made of small stones, quartz or gravel. These materials are then glued together with a transparent epoxy coating. You can use stone carpets in indoor or outdoor settings such as showrooms, shops, offices, balconies, receptions, exercise rooms, corridors, etc.

Why You Need A Stone Carpet

There is a possibility that you have visited somewhere and seen the stone carpet. However, you do not know what makes it special among other floor finishes. These are some of the reasons that you need a stone carpet in your space:

Beauty And Aesthetics

The stone carpet looks very pleasing to the eye. Whether you fix it on the floor of your home, office or outdoors, it maintains its beauty as it ages.

Stone carpets are also pleasant to touch and walk on (barefoot). They have anti-slip surfaces with appealing visual effects. No wonder they are fixed on staircases and balconies.

Health And Environmental Friendly

Stone carpets are suitable for underfoot heating. They are dirt resistant and sound absorbing. Because stone carpets have a porous structure, they are dirt resistant and prevent dust accumulation. This kind of floor is best advised for allergy sufferers. However, stone carpets are least preferred for bedrooms.

If you own an outdoor space that requires frequent movement of people and less cleaning, it is advisable to use stone carpets.

Non-slippery And Frost Resistant

If you have an outdoor area covered with other floor finishes, rain, frost, and slush can make them a slippery slope when you step on such areas. Albeit, if such areas are covered with stone carpets, the interstices of the gravel drain will always drain off surface water.

The surface of the carpet stone also prevents the formation of puddles and cracks in icy temperatures.


There are about 120 stone carpet ideas that you can choose for your indoor or outdoor space. Since our taste in decoration and home setting differs, the stone carpet gives an array of patterns and styles that will suit every space.

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