Summer Skincare Do’s and Don’ts for Pigmentation Prone Skin

Summer is the time of year when the cooler is off, and beaches are the best option. Moreover, it’s a beautiful opportunity to explore and do various fun activities. However, we might feel lazy and angry because of the hot weather. Excessive sweating can make skin conditions so bad. That’s why we are here to tell you how you can maintain healthy and glowing skin even in the summer weather. It’s because breakouts become pretty standard in summer. No one wants to say goodbye to their glowing skin.

In this article, we will share the best summer routine, some do’s and don’ts of summer. If you follow them, you will enjoy radiant skin all summer.

Do’s For Summer

·  Using light products

Your skin is already struggling a lot because of the troublesome weather. Make things easier for it by ditching heavy formulas. Instead, switch to light procedures and products. These lightweight formulas are a decent choice to keep your skin soft and smooth. Serums and toners are some lightweight products that you can consider during this weather.

· Use sunscreen

Suppose you are someone who regularly does skincare, then you already know the importance of skincare and sunscreen. Applying sunscreen is essential at all times. However, the need to use sunscreen increases a lot during the summer season. It’s because harmful rays of the sun and poor weather conditions can make your skin suffer so much. Not only this, it can give an invitation to many breakouts. That’s why use a proper strong sunscreen.

· Special care for lips

Some people might notice that during the summer season. The condition of lips becomes worse; they become dull and chapped. That’s why don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your lips. Also, by using lip balm regularly, you can get rid of chapped lips. You can transform your lips into smooth and soft.

Don’ts For Summer

· Don’t forget to cleanse

Don’t slack off your skincare routine in the summer season. Make sure to cleanse twice a day to get the best results. Your skin can become extremely unhealthy and harmful during the summer season. However, using a suitable cleaner can reduce the chances of getting breakouts.

· Don’t take hot showers

The summer season is already hot enough for your body. Don’t torture your body by getting another hot shower. This will not only reduce the shine on your skin. But you will also be inactive all day. However, you will feel refreshed and active by showering in cold water the whole day. By taking hot showers during the summer, your body will lose its moisture. Also, your body will start losing water and feel more dehydrated. That can lead to various health issues, too—so next time when you want to take a shower. Don’t take hot showers; start by taking showers in normal temperature water. You can, later on, switch the temperature to cold water.

· Don’t leave sunburns

Many health issues can be caused due to sunburns. However, by ignoring all the signs, you might face some horrible skin conditions in the future. It will help if you get a proper checkup whenever you observe anything off your skin. It’s because these sunburns can even cause cancer. And only the right dermatologist can tell you about this skin condition and how to treat it. Not every person who has sunburn has cancer. That’s why a proper checkup is a must. You can get your pigmentation treatment in Mumbai from the best dermatologists.

Dr. Niketa Sonavane is a renowned Celebrity Dermatologist practicing in Mumbai, India. She has several international pieces of training and awards. She is an expert in pigmentation treatment in Mumbai. Her views and techniques are often published in prominent newspapers and magazines.

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