Sunscreen And Skincare: Discover The Benefits Of Incorporating SPF Into Your Routine

Though the sun is the ultimate source of Vitamin D, it has multiple other uses. For instance, with these energy rays, you can dry your washed clothes and grow new saplings in your home garden, etc. However, these sun rays can also be harmful to your skin at the same time. Under such conditions, sunscreen with the right amount of SPF is best. Let’s help you with the SPF part, and then you can continue with the benefits of incorporating the same into your skincare routine.

What Is SPF?

Has it ever bothered you? What is SPF? And why are people always relating the same with sunscreen? SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, is a number the experts assign to any face cream or sunscreen. The number indicates the protection it will offer you from the UVB and UVA rays of the sun. However, people tend to think the double the number, the more the amount of protection, well it is not. For example, SPF 50 will not offer higher protection than SPF 25. It is just a ranking and not the absolute representation of the coverage from the sun offered.

Instead, the SPF number indicates how long the particular sunscreen will protect you from the sun’s damage. On average, a human starts experiencing sunburn within 15 minutes of exposure to the sun. A cream with SPF 40 will offer 40x protection from the Sun. That is why it is essential to continue reapplying sunscreen.

Benefits Of Incorporating Sunscreen With SPF Into Your Daily Skin Routine

Loaded with all the goodness of SPF, sunscreen is one of a kind essential that you can trust. Also, the best part is these protecting creams relieve your skin from the signs of ageing, blurring out wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots. Wait! There is more.

1.    Reduces The Chances Of Skin Cancer

Per the Skin Cancer Foundation experts, wearing sunblock with an SPF mark exceeding 15 reduces the chances of melanoma risk by 50% and the development of squamous cell carcinoma by 40%. Overall, your exposure to the sun is limited by sunscreen, and you are safe from the harmful effects.

2.    Helps Avoid Redness And Inflammation

Too long sun exposure leads to Sunburn, irritation and rashes. UVB rays are responsible for Sunburn, causing too much readiness, peeling, hives and swelling in that area. According to a 2008 study, too much Sunburn amplifies your risk of lethal melanoma. With a simple sunscreen application, you are free from all such hazards. Now, isn’t that great?

3.    Fights Hyperpigemntation

By Hyperpigmentation, you get to see a certain area of your skin getting darker or discoloured in an uneven way. This can be a cause of too much sun exposure. But the right sunscreen with SPF will help you avoid the particular situation and rise and shine.

4.    Eliminates DNA Damage

Have you heard of skin carcinogenesis and photoaging? Well, scientific studies have found that too much exposure to sunlight is the cause of the same. Also, you have DNA damage caused by exposure to the sun. But you do not have to worry; applying SPF daily will keep you safe from such incidences.

5.    Enhances Skin Health, Keeping It Free Of Tanning

A sunblock protects the essential proteins of the skin – elastin, collagen and keratin. This adds to your skin’s healthy glow, besides preventing it from tanning. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and above while looking for titanium dioxide in the ingredients. This will help you stay safe from tanning and reflect away the UV rays protecting the skin’s natural shine.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Sunscreen With SPF

Now that you know what SPF is and how incorporating the same in your sunscreen will make things easy, let’s help you with the selection part.

  • An SPF 15 is the best for daily use, like walking your dog, grocery shopping or driving to the office. Under such a condition, consider buying one with a daily-use seal.
  • SPF 30 and above are the most suitable options for outdoor activities like hiking, swimming running and more.
  • Invest in water-resistant sun-blocking cream for the best output when indulging in high-intensity exercises or swimming. Most water-resistant sunscreens are effective for 40 minutes, while some with greater SPF levels last long.

Surprising Situations When You Need To Wear A Sunscreen

People consider applying a sun-protecting cream only under bright sunlight. However, here is a list of situations where you are still susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays without bright sunlight.

  • Indoors
  • At high altitudes
  • Cloudy days
  • During winter


Most people do not consider investing in sunscreen for everyday use, while it is important to do so. Here’s hoping that you are now thorough with the particular uses of the cream and how SPF plays an important role. So wait no more and invest in one of the sun-blocking creams today with higher SPF.

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