The Supermicro name is synonymous with high-performance, enterprise-class system solutions that drive today’s mission-critical workloads. Their systems are designed to meet the rigorous demands of large-scale data centers, cloud computing, virtualization, and high-performance computing applications. Dedicating to their vision enables them to provide products with increased performance and energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.

1. HGX Server

Supermicro’s High-Performance server platform H11-G22QC combines a single system’s outstanding computing performance and energy efficiency. It enables 24 X 7 availability, with more than two orders of magnitude increase in performance per watt over the previous generation of Supermicro systems, a new socket, and advanced networking technologies. This new server brings significant advances in compute density, enabling it to be deployed for various industries, including web hosting, cloud computing, extensive data analysis, and virtualization applications.

2. High-Performance Computing Server

Supermicro H8S-E supports high-performance computing applications in research, finance, and science industries. It is designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-performance computing applications, including financial analysis and simulation, bioinformatics, computational chemistry, and genomics. It also provides higher throughput levels for enterprise workloads like databases, search engines, and trading systems.

3. Maintenance

Supermicro maintenance is highly efficient, as well as cost-effective. Supermicro provides 24-hour support through the local Supermicro Service Center worldwide, which helps to resolve critical issues quickly. Supermicro customers have the benefit of priority access to our global production support team while we work with customers to develop solutions that precisely meet their needs and avoid delays. Supermicro believes in unearthing new ways of approaching hardware design, making it both sustainable and scalable for the long term. It is in their DNA to orient themselves towards meeting today’s mission-critical business needs while keeping a foot firmly placed in tomorrow’s technology.

4. HPC solution

Supermicro’s High-Performance Computing solution provides the platform for the next generation of high-performance computing. Supermicro’s H8DGU-F offers high-performance, energy-efficient, and reliable servers supporting continued growth in bandwidth-hungry applications. This enables customers to deploy solutions with a lower Total Cost of Ownership that does not sacrifice performance or expandability.

5. High-Density Server

Supermicro’s high-density server platform is designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for increased compute density. This platform supports various features and I/O connectivity options that significantly improve performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. It supports larger memory capacity through an optional second CPU with two sockets, providing customers with the flexibility of configuring a system according to their needs and budgetary circumstances.

6. High-performance Switch

Supermicro high-performance switch provides network connectivity across multiple virtualization platforms, storage devices, and attached storage for data center applications. It is designed for the most demanding workloads in high-performance computing and enterprise environments. It has a rich feature set built to operate in harsh environments with robust security features and high bandwidth.

7. Enterprise 5G Converged

Supermicro Enterprise 5G Converged Platform is designed to meet the needs of data centers and service providers. It combines storage, network, and server solution in a single product offering, addressing all essential data center infrastructure features: high-density storage arrays, RDMA-compliant switches, and intelligent Compute Processor blades. This unique solution enables users to deliver simple yet highly flexible solutions for today’s most demanding data center and enterprise environments.

Supermicro’s commitment to producing innovative and responsible products is reflected in its manufacturing partners and design practices. They control all aspects of product development from initial design to delivery of the finished product. Supermicro works with its suppliers to ensure that every part of product design complies with ISO9001 standards while optimizing reliability and performance. Supermicro’s global assembly centers provide the highest quality control while remaining ISO9001: 2000 certified. It assembles customized servers that meet exacting customer specifications in a matter of weeks, which are tested during the final production stage to ensure peak performance and quality. They monitor the manufacturing process at every step to maintain high-quality standards.

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