SV Atelier Brand – Innovations and Technologies  to Support People with Alopecia

By the age of 30, one in three men and one in five women experience extreme hair loss. By the age of 50, more than 60-70% of people complain about hair loss and partial baldness. Partial baldness often affects children aged 5 to 15 years. The problem of alopecia is being actively discussed in the modern world. Doctors all over the world are looking for universal solutions for patients who have lost hair follicles.

If medicine is looking for a way to restore hair growth, cosmetology is looking for innovative solutions aimed at creating a stylish image for people who lost their hair.

Sergii Vorontsov, the author of a unique technique and a highly sophisticated product, has found a way to support all people with alopecia. His development – a hair replacement system – gives hope to everyone who has abandoned all hope of restoring hair growth and seeing one’s reflection in the mirror with a beautiful hairstyle again. This technique is unique in all respects, and replacement is a revolutionary discovery in the beauty industry.

Who is the hair replacement system by SV Atelier suitable for?

The SV Atelier brand managed by Sergii Vorontsov has been improving its product for more than six years. During testing, several technologies were used, as well as tens of kilograms of hair, so that, finally, the company could proudly present its product in the United States. American customers are going to be astonished! After all, there has been no such alternative in the USA that would allow using a hair replacement system and leading an active lifestyle.

After six years of searching for a unique formula, the SV Atelier brand has created a replacement that consists of a soft base and natural hair. Each product is handcrafted by the company’s masters. The use of high-quality raw materials allows us to guarantee a high quality of the product and its long lifespan. The hair replacement system is based on the following components:

  1. Soft base that imitates the scalp. The use of Italian silk and Japanese tulle allows the scalp to breathe and eliminates the formation of a greenhouse effect.
  2. Natural Slavic hair. The company uses undyed hair, which is styled in curls or other hairdo.
  3. Maximum fixation. The brand has four proven methods of fixing the hair replacement system. The method that guarantees a long and trouble-free use of the hair replacement system is selected for each guest individually.

There are not only people suffering from alopecia among the company’s clients, but also young guys and girls who want to change their image for a while without making cardinal manipulations with their own hair. Women who have undergone chemotherapy also seek services because they want to remain attractive and not wait for their own curls to grow back.

Since this year, the brand has been developing a line of hair replacement systems for children. Children are a particularly sensitive and vulnerable group that needs support and assistance more than others. Parents of children who are faced with alopecia are perplexed and do not know how to help their son or daughter. Our team extends a helping hand and guarantees excellent results. Children quickly get used to the hair replacement system, and we are glad to see how our little guests regain their confidence, feel full-fledged and happy!

Advantages of the SV Atelier product and differences from other analogues

The SV Atelier’s studio in the USA is a place where one can feel the atmosphere of love, beauty and harmony. Guests are surprised why they did not know about this startup before, because there is still no such service in the USA.

The SV Atelier brand is actively developing, and the studio’s clients receive multiple benefits:

– Individual approach. We do not offer a ready-made wig that will fit the client. We create a hair replacement system according to the customer’s measures, taking into account the wishes of the client.

– Handmade. There are no defects or inaccuracies in our products. Since each product is sewn by hand, the master immediately sees the result of his work.

– Large selection of styling. Our customers are not limited by any framework, because we can make a product of any shape and size. Long straight hair, a cascade of curly red hair, a luxurious ponytail, with or without bangs – we select exactly the image that will emphasize the best features of our guest’s face.

– Long service. The hair replacement system can be used for 1.5-2 months without interruption. You don’t have to be restrained. Sports, dancing, cycling, swimming – our guests enjoy life without worrying about the safety of their hair.

– Natural appearance. It is important that only the masters of SV Atelier know that the client is using a hair replacement system. It is impossible to reveal the secret of the hairstyle visually, since the hair is movable 360 ​​degrees, and the thin base perfectly imitates the scalp.

– Perfect comfort. Lightness, naturalness and convenience – all that studio guests receive in addition to a beautiful image. The hair replacement system is easy to wear. It does not harm your own hair and does not cause pain.

The SV Atelier is launching an exclusive service that guests have not known about before. Today, thanks to Sergii Vorontsov, the US consumers will get acquainted with alternative methods and learn how to transform, look stylish and modern, even with hair problems.

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