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Table tennis (aka ping-pong) is one of the most dynamic games in the world. It has considerable popularity among fans of sports betting, although, of course, it falls short of football, tennis or hockey in this parameter. Margins for ping pong are quite high, so the odds cannot compete with other sports. However, this does not prevent the emergence of various table tennis betting strategies. Moreover, the low popularity of this sport can even play into the hands of betters. In this article you will read about the main features of table tennis bets and learn the key rules.

Table tennis rules

Any sports game has its own rules that you need to know about. When it comes to betting on money or crypto at a bookmaker, you need to approach the study of the subject of betting with all responsibility.

First of all, it is worth remembering that table tennis and ping-pong are different names for the same sport, so both names can be found in the lines of different bookmakers.

The game takes place on a table that has clear parameters: length – 274 cm, width – 152.5 cm, height – 76 cm. The table is divided across by a grid stretched equidistantly from both ends at a height of 15.25 cm from the table. A prerequisite is that the top edge of the grid must be pure white. The most popular variant of the game is heads-up, but there are also doubles matches. It is for tandem confrontations that the table is divided into two equal halves by a white line drawn along. Tables are made from various materials, but the main thing is that the surface of the structure is uniform.

Regardless of the format of the game (one on one or two on two), the task of each opponent (or team) is to send the ping-pong ball to the other side with maximum inconvenience for the opponent. As in tennis, the ball can touch the surface of the table once in your half, after which it must be hit. In pairs competitions, players must hit the ball strictly in turn.

Matches in table tennis, depending on the tournament, consist of 5-7 sets (up to 3 or 4 victories of one of the players). In each of them, the player needs to take 11 points to win. If the opponents have reached the score of 10:10, the game continues until the difference is 2 points (12:10, 13:11, etc.). There are no draws in ping-pong, neither in a set nor in a match.

Table tennis features

The main masters of the game of ping-pong are representatives of Asia – especially the Chinese. In Russia, this sport has not received mass popularity and is more kept at a semi-professional level. Betters love this sport for its dynamism, the ability to quickly find out the result of a bet and, in case of a win, take the money.

Please note that table tennis is not the most popular sport not only among bettors, but also among bookmakers. Not every office can afford to have a separate analyst at the headquarters to draw up a ping-pong line. Even if such a person exists, his awareness sometimes leaves much to be desired. Because of this, value odds for table tennis are found in bookmaker lines every now and then.

So, we have already found one reason for the popularity of table tennis – this is value. What other features does this sport have?

  • Matches are held indoors, therefore, they are not afraid of any weather. Therefore, there is ping-pong in the BC lines all year round.
  • Fast paced match. Even 7-set bouts that are evenly fought usually don’t last more than 60-70 minutes. Players have the opportunity to quickly place a bet, withdraw money in case of success and move on to the next match.
  • The serving factor is not as important as it is in tennis. Ping-pong players 99% of the time just put the ball in play (of course, not forgetting the spin and difficulty for the opponent), and do not perform aces.
  • Many matches are available with video broadcasts. First, ping pong, as we have already noted, is played indoors. Therefore, broadcasts will not be disturbed by heavy rain or gale-force winds. Secondly, the organizers of table tennis tournaments, due to the low popularity of the sport, do not require big money for the purchase of rights to television broadcasts, as, for example, happens in the football Champions League. So every bookmaker can afford to broadcast the match.
  • Lots of sensations. Even the score 8:4 or 9:5 does not guarantee the player to win the set. Comebacks and incredible denouements are one of the “chips” of table tennis, which, of course, is not very popular with bettors (the more unpredictability, the less likely it is to “break through” the bet).
  • Due to the popularity of ping pong in Asia, the sports websites and forums there are teeming with information about ping pong. You will have to master them if you want to conduct a detailed analysis and get a lot of useful information.
  • Live table tennis odds change very quickly. Be prepared to react and make decisions with lightning speed.
  • Live matches are sometimes postponed for several hours, since it is impossible to predict the duration of the meeting in advance. As a result, players are forced to wait until the previous pair vacates the table.
  • Fixed matches in ping-pong are very common.

Types of table tennis bets

The painting of table tennis matches in most offices does not indulge in variety. Betters are offered classic markets for betting:

  • victory of a player (or pair) in a match;
  • set win;
  • total;
  • handicap;
  • even/odd.

There are also other markets – for example, combined bets and bets on the winner of the tournament, but they find very little response from the bookmaker’s customers. Remember that for betting on handicaps and totals, it is extremely important to know the format of the match – before winning 3 or 4 sets.


Table tennis is ideal for live betting and practically unsuitable for pre-match. There is not much information on table tennis on the net, which is not in the hands of players. On the other hand, betting analysts also have fewer opportunities for competent line drawing. Therefore, values ​​often slip in ping-pong bets.

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