Take Control of Your Local Business: Use Search Engine Optimization

The pandemic has caused havoc for small businesses. Not only are many shops closed or open only for online business or curbside pickup, but many customers don’t even know how to contact their local shops to buy what they do have. Companies have adapted to use innovative and creative methods to keep their online doors open, but it hasn’t been easy. 

For businesses who could convert their sales to online shopping, it has helped them weather the storm, but even with the shifts, it can be hard to reach local customers who may not know how to find you. 

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is an online marketing strategy that targets local customers. People use online searches to find what they need right now. Most people use their mobile phones to search and rely on engines like google maps to alert them to businesses with what they need nearby. If you are a business that relies on local customers, you need to be sure your business is optimized for local SEO search. 

Local SEO is helpful for businesses that operate on a local level rather than worldwide or national. It is estimated that 35% of all searches are local searches, so if you miss out on this local market, you could be missing a lot of potential traffic. The difference would be searching for the top SEO company vs digital marketing austin. Local SEO helps you find local customers at a regional level. 

In this article, we’ll take you through some of the easy steps to make sure your local customers can find you and give you some tips for using SEO to help you stand out for your local customers online. 

Google My Business

A local online directory like Google My Business is a must for business owners. Make sure you have a profile and that all the information on your profile is up to date. Google My Business is one of the most important online tools for reaching local customers and helping customers find you. 

Google My Business is the primary way companies get onto Google Maps. Each company profile lets you include company info, contact information, company description, photos, and even online customer reviews. It’s like a mini-website for your business and helps customers find you when they are nearby. 

Use Local Keywords

To improve your local SEO, it helps to use local keywords in your site pages and content. These keywords help search engines find you and connect you to local customers. For local keywords, you may want to include the names of your city or town or neighbourhood, depending on the customers you want to attract. 

You could even focus on well-known local landmarks for your area. So if you were a local plumber based in Montreal, you could refer to “plumbers near Mount Royal” to improve your search engine optimization montreal

A company like Local SEO Search inc., Top SEO Company in Canada can help you research and narrow down the most effective keywords to focus on for your SEO strategy. 

Post About Relevant Local Issues

Along with relevant keywords for your industry and business, you should also think about creating well-written, relevant posts about local issues. Local customers will appreciate the relevant local content, and these types of posts can help boost your local profile. 

Consider getting involved in a local fundraiser or charity event to help your community. It will benefit others and boost your local profile. 

Optimize for Voice and Mobile

Seeing that many users use their mobile phones to search for businesses and products, it just makes sense to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile users. You can lose customers very quickly if your website doesn’t load properly on their phone, 

Optimize For Voice Search

More and more users are also using voice control for searches either from home through smart devices or their phones. Optimize your website for voice search by adjusting your site’s content to reflect how users ask questions when they speak into their devices. 

Investing in local SEO can help you take control of your business in these shifting times and connect with local customers who are looking to find you. Also you can build your landing page builder very easily.

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