Teen Patti Explained – Rules / Sequences

Teen Patti is the latest craze sweeping the nation. This popular table game requires players to quickly match cards with each other to make combinations of 3, 4, or 5. The objective is to build the best possible hand and eventually beat your opponent by either making more combinations than them or getting rid of their cards first.

Patti’s Rules

If you want to enjoy the game of Teen Patti, you can play Teen Patti at prodesicasinos. But there are some rules in Teen Patti, Each player starts with five cards, three of which are face down. Each player can look at one card at a time and must place it on the table in front of them if they want to play it. Cards that are not played stay on the table. When all players have placed their cards, the dealer flips over two cards from the deck and sets them aside as the foundation of the player’s hand (two 2s). The remaining four face up cards become the player’s current hand.

Cards can be matched together in any combination as long as both cards involved are still face up on the table at the end of the match. Matches are made by placing one card on top of another so that they form a 3, 4, or 5 letter word, with no spaces in between. Below are some points to consider before play Teen Patti:

  1. Patti is a very strict mentor and she expects her students to live by her rules.
  2. Patti has a sequence for everything, and you must follow it exactly or else you will get scolded.
  3. Patti is a very organised person, and she likes everything to be in its proper place.
  4. Patti is not afraid to tell her students when they are doing something wrong.

Sequences of Patti’s Actions

Player 1 begins by selecting one card from their hand and placing it on the table face down. Player 2 then selects one card from their hand and places it on top of the first card. Player 1 then flips over the top card to see if they have made a valid combination. If so, they score points based on the value of the card and put the second card back in their hand. If not, player 2 scores points based on the value of the card and puts the second card back in their hand. The process continues until one player has either run out of cards or scored enough points to win the game.

In the game of Teen Patti, there are a few variations that can change how the sequence works. For example, in some variations, the Ace card can be high or low. In other variations, there may be wild cards which can be used to replace any other card. These variations can make the game more exciting and challenging for players of all levels.


After reading this article, the reader should have a good understanding of how to play teen patti, what the different sequences are, and what the rules are. By knowing these things, the reader will be able to enjoy this fun and exciting game with friends and family.

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