The 7 Unusual Items You Need to Pack for College

Clothes. Check. Books. Check. Unparalleled excitement and nervousness. Check. Moving to college involves a lot more than ticking off items on a checklist – it’s a jumble of emotions and possibilities. After all, you’ve worked long and hard to get into the college of your dreams. Now you want to give yourself a flying start. So, you’ve packed up all the obvious necessities that you (and your parents) think you’ll need to be comfortable in your girls PG in Karol Bagh. But as all freshers in the history of colleges will tell you, there are some things that you’ll always miss adding to your to-pack list.

And it’s not surprising that this happens. These items only emerge as necessities once you’ve experienced firsthand the whirlwind that is PG or hostel life. But just because you’re new to it all doesn’t mean you should be forced to endure months of teething problems. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up these seven unexpected items you definitely shouldn’t forget to pack. And if you are a transfer student don’t skip using a roommate finder first.

Adhesive hooks

It is a truth universally acknowledged that hostel rooms are never as big as you want them to be. Space is a premium commodity when you’re in college, that’s why it’s important to use as much of it as possible. And that’s where adhesive hooks come in handy. You can stick these anywhere, from the back of your door to your walls, to the inside of your cupboard and voila. Instant storage. Pack a set of them in your suitcase so you can use them while unpacking and setting up your room for the first time. Your roommates will be green with envy at your smart planning.

Wrinkle release spray

If you’re someone who always wears neatly ironed clothes, you might be mourning the loss of that neatness when you’re moving to college. Well, a handy little item called wrinkle release spray means you don’t need to worry about that. Instead of lugging around a huge ironing board or paying for a laundry service that’ll wash and iron your clothes, just invest in a bottle of wrinkle release spray. You can use them on your freshly laundered items to give them the appearance of being ironed and prevent any huge creases from forming. Who says dorm life has to be messy and wrinkled?


Okay, this isn’t that unexpected but it does tend to be easily forgotten when it comes to packing for college. But an umbrella can be a hot commodity on campus, especially when it starts raining and you have to race to another hall for your next class. Sure, Delhi doesn’t receive a lot of rainfall, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this one. And on the few days when it does rain, you’ll definitely be glad you packed it. P.S.: It really comes in handy when the temperature is soaring too


Here’s something you probably haven’t fully realised about living in a hostel or a PG. You’re going to be sharing the washrooms. Having to bathe in communal showers is tough enough, you don’t want to be struggling to get dressed in them too. As anyone who’s ever tried to put on jeans in a shared washroom will tell you, a bathrobe can be a real saviour in this situation. Now you can get in and out of the shower without worrying about your clothes getting damp and change in the comfort and privacy of your own room.

Extension board

How many gadgets are you taking with you to college? There’s your phone and your laptop, of course, but perhaps you’re also taking your favourite lamp and a hairdryer. And while you’re living in a hostel or PG, you might want to buy a table fan and electric kettle too. The question is, where are you going to plug all of that in? Because the sad truth is that most hostel and PG rooms come with only a single power socket. So,without an extension board, you’ll be stuck plugging and unplugging your different appliances all day long. Thankfully, extension boards are pretty cheap to purchase and don’t weigh much, so you can easily take one with you and save yourself the trouble.

Ear plugs

College is probably going to be your first time living away from home with a bunch of other people. And what no one tells you about living with others is that they all have different schedules. Having a moment of peace and quiet can be difficult in a hostel, even in the middle of the night. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like a lot of noise or if you’re a light sleeper, make sure you’re packing some ear plugs to block out all that sound. If you’re not a fan of ear plugs, cotton wool or even noise cancelling headphones can work in a pinch. You’ll be grateful for the silence, especially during sleep and study hours.

Desk fan

If you’re moving to a professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living, you’ll probably have a spacious, air conditioned room to beat the Delhi heat, not have to share a bathroom with 10 other people and generally have a host of lifestyle amenities that might be missing from other shared accommodation options. But if you weren’t able to bag such good housing, there are high chances that your hostel or PG will leave you to sweat with just a small fan. Investing in a desk fan can make a world of difference to your hostel room if it doesn’t have AC. It’ll improve the circulation and help you cool down much quicker than your regular ceiling fan.

Those are the seven unexpected essentials that you’ll need to pack for college living. With these items you’ll be able to level up your dorm life from basic to brilliant. So, make sure you grab them before you head off to college trendytarzan.

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