The Benefits of Advertising Floor Stickers 

Every business must create an impression and stand out to survive. This is usually done by having unique marketing and advertising strategies that grab the all-important audience attention. But often, when we think about advertising, the first thing that comes to mind is TV, magazine, online, or billboard ads, but so many other options are available. An often undervalued method is floor graphics and stickers. You’ve undoubtedly walked across more of these than you can remember in shops, high streets, and shopping malls, guiding you to one store or another or advertising their latest item. Sometimes these effects are upfront and directional, while at other times they create the slow drip buildup of subliminal brand recognition and trust. Either way, it’s an incredibly valuable form of advertising collateral to consider. 

They Capture Attention

Floor graphic stickers can enhance a customer’s perception and experience in your store, whether they are your standard walk-over variety stickers or placed somewhere unexpected. Great placement areas include where they line up to pay, in the changeroom or on the mirrors. In addition, they can be placed in elevators, on individual stairs or up an entire staircase, or at building entrances. Multiple placements of the same sticker will help build brand recognition and trust, remembering your company next time they want to shop. 

They Are Cost-Effective

Custom floor graphic stickers are popular now because they are low cost and give value for money with how long they last, lowering ongoing advertising costs. In addition, a great designer and printer can make you a durable product that won’t need replacement before you’re ready while driving results. 

They Are Applied to be Directional

A significant use of floor graphic stickers is to lead customers directly to your products. These might be arrows on the floor or a big explanatory floor design placed at regular intervals for them to follow. This simple addition can drive sales and certainly affects purchasing decisions. These are great additions, particularly for a large department store or event, to guide people to a particular place, such as something as simple but vital as washrooms or a safe walking route to the exits. Again, these simple additions can significantly impact your customer’s overall experience in your premises.

They Have Flexible Applications

Another great aspect of floor graphic stickers is flexibility, as they are created to suit specific needs. With endless possibilities and combinations available, there are endless possibilities for shape, size, and style, providing options for infinite creativity. They can be used in-store, at events, as a permanent directional fixture, or for any other application you can imagine. Anything goes to catch people’s immediate attention. 

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