The Benefits of Buying an 0207 Number

There are plenty of good reasons to buy 0207 number for your business. Bear in mind that doing so is easy. Setting up an 0207 number so that people who call it will be seamlessly redirected to your landline or mobile phone takes very little time and your business could be benefiting from having a London-based number by the end of the working day. Why is it a good idea to invest in an 0207 number for your company?

1. Gain an Office in the Capital at Low-Cost

Renting office space in London is expensive. So, if you want to have an office outside of the capital but still make it seem as though you are based in London, buying an 0207 number that automatically transfers callers to you without them being delayed or even realising makes a lot of sense. Many businesses would locate themselves in London if they could afford to do so. When they buy an 0207 number, they can gain a presence there at a fraction of the cost of moving.

2. Impress Clients With a London Business Number

Very few people do not immediately associate an 0207 number with the UK’s capital. Most people know their own area code and a few others, including London. As such, when you buy an 0207 number for your firm, you gain a business telephone number that virtually everybody will know and trust.

3. Buy an 0207 Number to Attract Londoners

According to Cleartone Communications, a firm that provides 0207 and other geographical telephone numbers to businesses, one of the key things about having a London number is that locals will be more willing to call it. If your office is in Oxford, Durham or Dundee, for example, then you might not be getting as many calls from London as you could. By investing in an 0207 number, you should see a sharp increase in the number of callers who phone your firm from the capital. When Londoners call you, they will assume they are dealing with a business that is local to them.

4. Make Your Business More Prestigious

One of the key things about having a London-based business telephone number for your company is that it carries greater prestige than just about anywhere else in the country. Yes, there are other British cities that are also prestigious in a business sense but the capital is both the seat of government and the country’s financial hub. When you buy an 0207 number for your company, some of this prestige rubs off regardless of the business sector you operate in.

5. Redirect Your 0207 Business Number Anywhere

Finally, it is worth noting that when you buy an 0207 business number, you can use it how you please. Many firms simply redirect their inbound calls to their main switchboard number. However, you could set up a dedicated way of answering it and even have a greeting message played to callers to help reinforce the idea that they’re calling London. This can even be the case when redirecting calls to a mobile phone rather than a landline number.

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