The best 15 K-Movies adapted from Webtoons Manhwa

If you are a Webtoon lover, you will not want to miss out on any information about Webtoons. Webtoon not only produces comic books with thousands of fans, but it also collaborates with social platforms like Netflix and Youtube to make hit movies based on popular Webtoon series. Users love these movies because they are both true to the story’s theme and include attractive elements.

Although the substance is the same, the Webtoon and TV series will differ. Readers will first picture the character’s look and expressions, whereas viewers have to experience the part. Second, when reading stories, viewers will experience more vivid sounds and lighting. As a result, Webtoon Manhwa has changed its attention to digital comics, which will help to attract more viewers. That’s a fantastic suggestion.

The article has compiled a list of the highest-rated K-drama series that you should experience.

  1. With an 8.2 rating, the film Itaewon Class is at the top of the list. In the year 2020, it is a Netflix success. The film is based on a manhwa webtoon by author Go Gwang Jun of the same name. Park Sep Joon, who plays Park Sae Royi, is the male lead. Viewers enjoy this film because they respect the male hero and his commitment to justice.

The primary character, Park Sae Royi, is a young former prisoner whose story throughout the film. His father died in a vehicle accident, he was dismissed from high school, and he was wrongly convicted and sentenced to prison. The president of the Jangga food group was responsible for the string of tragedies. Raising revenge, after being released from prison, he opened a pub in the Itaewon neighborhood and gradually developed. Raising revenge, after being released from prison, he opened a pub in Itaewon street and developed.

2. True Beauty is a K-drama entertainment industry hit that debuted in 2020 and received an 8.1 rating. True Beauty is based on author Yaongyi’s webtoons of the same name. The work has received tens of millions of views in Korea and is well-received throughout Asia. Im Ju Gyeong is central to the plot (Moon Ga Young). Because of her unattractive looks, she is frequently criticized, has even become a victim of school bullying. Im Ju Gyeong practiced cosmetics to alter her look after moving to a new school. Im Ju Gyeong after cosmetics elevates her to the status of school goddess. She immediately became the center of attention, attracting the attention of everyone in her surroundings, including Lee Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo) and Han Seo Jin (Hwang In Yeob). And thus, their love triangle begins.

  1. The most popular drama in 2018 is What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. Based on author Jang Kyung Yoon’s best-selling novel, which was turned into a webtoon manhwa of the same name, the film follows a different love story between Vice President Lee Young Joon and Secretary Kim Mi So.

The male lead convinces that he is the finest and that no one deserves his “perfection.” Until he met Mi So, a lovely, competent young lady who always accomplished the tasks assigned by her boss. Surprisingly, Mi So is the girl who, together with Little Joon, was kidnapped when they were young. Young Joon has since fallen in love with her, and the two have spent time secretly loving each other.

  1. The Uncanny Counter is a superhero, action, and detective drama starring a cast of unknown Korean actors. However, it is because of the film’s original plot and the characters’ “unforgettable” acting abilities that it has received high praise and even reached No. 1 on Netflix.

The film follows a gang of ghost hunters who have come to Earth to work as noodle restaurant employees to capture wicked spirits and return them to Earth in search of eternal life. Everyone has a unique skill set.

  1. The Mystic Pop Up Bar is based on author Bae Hye Soo’s popular webtoon of the same name and has a cast of well-known Korean actors, including “beautiful sister” Hwang Jung Eum, gorgeous Yook Sung Jae, Mr. Choi Won Young…

The plot of the film begins during the Joseon Dynasty that time people of kimchi handed down the story of a young woman who could interpret dreams for people, read the minds of the deceased through the thought of the living. Her name is Weol Joo, and she is the daughter of a magician. Her skill has gone across the land, and the queen has heard about it. The queen then invited Weol Joo to the palace to cure the Crown Prince’s sickness. From there, tragedy struck her fate.

  1. The film adaptation of the Webcomic of the same name by author Moo Ryoo, Extraordinary You is currently the most attention-grabbing movie released in 2019.

The film is about the life and life-changing journey of Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye-Yoon). Eun Dan Oh was born into a wealthy family, attended a famous school, but she couldn’t be happier when she was diagnosed with heart disease and wouldn’t make it through high school. Baek Kyung (Lee Jae-Wook) is handsome who is Dan Oh’s fiance, and also a high school friend with her. Dan Oh really likes Kyung, but he doesn’t like her. Suddenly, Eun Dan Oh suffers from short-term memory loss, she can see what will happen shortly, and she is confused by her symptoms.

  1. Im Si-wan and Lee Dong-Wook star in the South Korean television series Hell is Other People. Based on Kim Yong-Naver ki’s webtoon of the same name. The webtoon is also available under the title “Strangers from Hell.” Kim Yong-Ki was the first to draw and write it.

Yoon Jong-woo (Im Si-wan) is a young guy in his twenties who goes to Seoul after getting accepted as an intern for a small firm. Jong-woo chooses to save money by living in a poor student dormitory. Jong-woo eventually realizes that something odd and fishy is going on with his roommates.

  1. The film Memorist is based on the Korean webtoon of the same name, with the main character Dong Baek having a magical ability to read characters’ memories when he touches them. Dong Baek used this talent to help him in his detective job.

Each episode is a case with many different stories and feelings. When moviegoers observe the individuals involved, they are left with a sense of sadness, wrath, and hatred throughout each narrative.

Love is not the main content of the movie, so there are not many romantic scenes, and the two characters do not show their feelings directly, but viewers can only see between them as good cooperation in criminal work.

  1. Backstreet Rookie is a Korean romance comedy. Choi Dae Hyun, the owner of a convenience store, and Jung Saet Byul, a part-time employee, are the protagonists of this story. Two characters with different personalities: an honest and humble employer and a hot-tempered, strong, insane female employee, played by Kim Yoo Jung.

Numerous funny stories have occurred at the business as a result of that opposing personality. Will these two people work together to establish a bustling convenience shop and settle life’s conflicts?

  1. My ID is Gangnam Beauty is an emotional and romantic story that reflects the reality of the plastic surgery craze that is causing pain in the modern society of young Koreans. It is a movie adapted from the webtoon of the same name by author Gi Maeng Gi.

The film tells the story of Kang Mi-rae, an unattractive, rough-looking girl (Im Su-Hyang). Gangnam is inherently considered a rich area in Seoul. Not only that, but it’s also home to many of the plastic surgery clinics that produce a variety of fake beauty goods. Mi-rae decided to come here for plastic surgery to transform her look to have a whole new life when she went to university and took control of her life.

  1. Cheese in the Trap is another film adapted. It is giving viewers fever with the facts surrounding the Hong pair.

The plot of the series revolves around Hong Seol, a poor girl who returns to school after a year of confinement. However, when Hong Seol meets senior Yoo Jung – an affluent, attractive male student who is the idol of all the females in the school and has good academic accomplishments and her purpose of studying changes. Yoo Jung’s strange clinging ability, as well as his desire to expose his feelings, have given Hong Seol many problems and deadlocks in determining how to handle it.

  1. Sweet Home is a December 18 action-horror film that publish on Netflix. The film is based on Kim Carnby and Hwang Young Chan’s popular webtoon manhwa of the same name.Cha Hyun Soo, a young guy who has recently lost his family, is the protagonist of Sweet Home. After a series of difficult days, Hyun Soo went to the Green Home apartment complex and spent his last days there.

Thinking that the rest of the time would pass quietly, strange events began to take place. The apartment was suddenly completely blocked off. From the outside, terrifying monsters are ubiquitous, ready to attack anyone in sight. Not only that, but a few people in the apartment building also showed abnormal signs and gradually transformed into disgusting monsters.

  1. A definite K-drama you must try is Love Alarm. It is a romantic drama in the school garden youth. And this movie revolves around the love triangle between Jojo and two best friends Hye Yeong and Sun Oh. Jojo had an unhappy childhood, her parents were in debt, in poverty, but she luckily escaped and lived with her grandmother. A few years after her grandmother’s death, Jojo went to live with her aunt again. Her aunt, because she had to pay her sister’s debt, had to take care of her more, so she put all her anger on the little girl. Jojo has just gone to school and has taken on many part-time jobs to pay for her school fees and repay her aunt’s debt, so she doesn’t have much time to spend with friends. Jojo himself because of guilt, because he did not want to receive pity, so he never confided to anyone about his situation. Life must have been like that quietly passed until the day when two boys appeared.
  2. Lucky Romance owns a huge online movie audience with some clips cut from each episode with many attractive details.

Lucky Romance is a romantic comedy film revolving around the love triangle of Shim Bo Nui, Soo Ho, and Gun Wook. Three people with three almost opposite personalities must work together to solve an emotional problem. Shim Bo Nui – a superstitious girl, always encounters a lot of bad luck in life. She is struggling to earn money to save her sister in a coma in the hospital. Following the words of a fortune teller specializing in Feng Shui, she determined to find a boyfriend in the year of the Tiger to relieve her term and find her luck. Suddenly, the person who caught her eye was Soo Ho, the CEO of a game company with an IQ of up to 200. Shim Bo Nui’s rambling stories of charms. To achieve her goal, Bo Nui has to make a detailed plan with the primary purpose of spending the night with the guy Soo Ho.

  1. Rugal gives the audience a very new experience of the crime series. Not just the usual street fighting scenes, but the movie increased the gory set many times over, making any fan of the action-thriller must fall in love.

Rugal’s story takes the crime theme with science fiction, adapted from the famous Korean webtoon of the same name. Kang Gi Bum (Choi Jin Hyuk) was once a promising scout. He works in a violent crime unit and is always a good performer of assigned tasks. But then, the storm started to come when he lost his wife.

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