The Best American NBA Players of All Time

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For more than half a century of NBA history, many talented athletes have entered the court. It is extremely difficult to single out the best among them, but still there are special basketball players who have made a contribution to this sport and the league that cannot be overestimated.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Since his retirement in 1989, Abdul-Jabbar has scored more points than any other player in NBA history. Brilliantly shown himself in the basketball team of the University team, in 1969 he was invited to the Milwaukee Bucks, for which he played for 6 seasons. Having no small stature even for a basketball player, height more than 2m 10cm, he completely dominated both under his shield and under the shield of his rivals. He owns quite a few records that have not been broken to this day, for example, the most productive player in NBA history in terms of total points gained – 38,387 points.

Michael Jordan

His Airness is undoubtedly the most renowned NBA legend ever. Jordan redefined the concept of an NBA superstar. A fabulous athlete with a unique concentration of speed, strength, artistry, general strength, grace, the ability to improvise and an indefatigable thirst for competition, he has forever left his mark on the world history of basketball.

The success continued in the NCAA, and after 2 years Michael decided to draft in the NBA. He got into the Chicago Bulls team, where he gained worldwide fame. Bulls fans can bet on their favorite team by downloading the 1xbet app at the page Before his NBA debut, Jordan managed to become an Olympic champion. Michael spent 9 years at the Chicago Bulls.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jr

Johnson could be considered as one of the most distinguished players, despite retiring from the sport at an early age, 32. an incurable infection was found in his blood. And even with such an early departure, Johnson managed to receive many awards and major achievements. 5-time league winner, as a part of the LA Lakers, 12-time participant in the All-Star match (twice recognized as the most valuable player), Olympic gold medal in 1992. The last years as part of the club can be called the best in a basketball player’s career – since 1987, he has become the most valuable player in the NBA 3 times.

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