The Best Options for Upgrading Your Backyard

Whether you’re looking for ways to add value or simply want to make your backyard more livable, the right improvements can transform an outdoor space and extending an existing deck.

The key is to make these upgrades as inexpensive as possible while still boosting your yard’s appeal. With a few simple tweaks, a DIY project or even just one investment, your yard can be one of the hottest properties on the market when it comes time to sell.


Decks are a great way to maximize your outdoor space. Not only do they allow you to enjoy a beautiful view, but they also offer a place to entertain and relax.

Unlike patios, which require a space with level ground, decks can be built on any kind of landscape. Slopes can present a few construction challenges, however.


A fire pit is an essential feature for any backyard. They can help you relax in the winter and keep you cozy during the warmer months too.

There are a variety of options to choose from, depending on your personal preferences and budget. They range from inexpensive $50 models to high-performance propane fire pits that cost hundreds of dollars.

The type of fuel used in a fire pit also makes a difference. Wood-burning fire pits are a popular choice because they produce more heat than propane or natural gas fueled fire pits, according to Campbell.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are a great way to relax and unwind at home. They’re also a good option for homeowners who want to keep their yard looking beautiful.

These large tubs are usually placed outdoors on patios or in backyards. They’re made for hydrotherapy and relaxation and can be used by several people at once.

Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are a fantastic addition to any backyard. They’re fun to watch and can be a great way for children to get outdoors and spend time with the family.

To make your garden more attractive to butterflies, you’ll need to provide a variety of plants with flowers and foliage that caterpillars and adults can feed on. Choosing native plants will help you avoid the use of broad spectrum pesticides.

Ensure that your butterfly garden receives at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. You can also add large rocks or pavement to your yard that will absorb heat and offer a warm basking spot for butterflies.

BBQ Zone

If you’re planning on entertaining friends or family, a BBQ Zone is the best option for upgrading your backyard. A BBQ area can be as simple as a secluded BBQ nook or as elaborate as a full-fledged outdoor kitchen with everything you need to enjoy your favorite foods.

A BBQ Zone should be designed for cooking and entertaining, so it should have stylish seating, ambient lighting and a bar area. It should also be designed with safety in mind, with a built-in sink for washing up and ice to keep your drinks cool.

Small Pool

One of the best options for upgrading your backyard is installing a small pool. They look great from a design standpoint and are easier to maintain than large pools.

They also add value to your home and are great for attracting prospective buyers.

If you want to install a pool in your backyard, start by talking to a local Austin Texas pool builder. They can help you determine your needs and any zoning restrictions that may apply to your property.


Stairs are a common way to bridge a large vertical distance between two levels. They are usually rectangular and consist of a series of steps.

Stairs are made of three main parts: stringers, treads, and risers. The first part, called a stair stringer, is a zig-zag support that goes up each side of the stairs.

Water Feature

Adding a water feature can be one of the most effective and affordable ways to enhance your yard. From a small bubbling birdbath to a full-blown water wall, there are plenty of options.

Water features are also a key element in basophilic design, which seeks to connect people with nature through visual interaction with natural elements. They can help promote relaxation and stress reduction by creating soothing sights and sounds.

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