The Best Romantic Getaways in Europe

Are you dreaming of a romantic getaway? Europe has some of the most romantic destinations in the world. Here is a compilation of the best destinations in Europe for a vacation with the other half.

The Best Romantic Getaways in Europe

The list of the best romantic destinations in Europe is below. Find out where to spend your next holiday.


If you fancy an elegant trip for yourself and your loved one that won’t empty your wallet, Bruges is worth considering. Spend your days exploring the interesting museums and art galleries of the medieval city, then head back to the center to sample Belgian cuisine. There are many cafes, chocolatiers, and bars here, and you can round off the evening with a romantic walk along the canal.


Tiny Montenegro is gaining popularity every year. More and more often, it is becoming the main destination for a holiday vacation, not just a one-day trip destination from Croatia or Albania. Tourists are delighted with the amazing landscapes there because the high mountains meet the sea there which you can visit by renting a car in Montenegro. The most beautiful, but also the most crowded place for tourists is Boka Kotorska, which resembles a Norwegian fjord. This bay cuts between the slopes of the Lovćen Mountains, creating amazing scenery.

The Capital city is Podgorica. It’s a modern city and business hub. Golubovci Airport near the Capital is in the summer season. For most travelers, this is a starting point when exploring a country. They often rent a car for easy moving around. We recommend one of the best companies for car rental in Montenegro, according to user reviews on Google.


Do you prefer something less conventional? Avoid the crowded cities – go to Dubrovnik. As you walk through the Old Town, you will go back in time. The Croatian city where Game of Thrones was filmed is surrounded by magnificent medieval walls. Here you will find a charming botanical garden and a beautiful marina from which you can admire the sunset with your other half.


The capital of Hungary will win your heart. You will be amazed by the captivating beauty of the Danube River, which divides the city into two parts. If you are looking for a secluded place for a romantic holiday in Europe, look no further than Budapest. Cities such as Paris and Rome are popular destinations for a trip with your significant other, but with its multi-cultural blend, nerve-calming open-air baths, and rich nightlife, Budapest is an exciting alternative.


Romeo and Juliet fell in love with Verona and it must be admitted that it is one of the most charming places in Italy. Couples will love the city’s high hills and beautiful riverside castles. There are plenty of attractions here. Head to Verona Arena where you can watch an opera, visit Juliet’s Balcony and taste Italian delicacies at Laconda di Castelvecchio, one of the best restaurants in the city.


Classic. Regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the world, offering a wide choice of restaurants, great shops, and captivating at every turn, Paris is a great option for a trip for two. Have a candlelight dinner in a bistro, drink fancy drinks, and dance until dawn in the French capital. Kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower and take a romantic stroll through the Champs-Élysées.


The first thing that surprises me about Lisbon is its vivid colors. Spend a lovely vacation with a second half in this charming and romantic paradise. You’ll fall in love with narrow, steep streets, delicious seafood, and vintage boutiques. The locals proudly say they come from Lisbon, and you have to admit: this is one of the most authentic cities in Europe.