Thanks to female cannabis seeds, growers no longer have to worry about a wild male plant damaging their crop. Like the name says, they ensure female cannabis plants. As a result, feminized cannabis seeds have become more popular than regular cannabis seeds, which may produce either male or female plants. So, here are some feminized cannabis seeds available at i49, listed below in order of customer popularity.

Critical Kush

Critical Kush is a successful crossing between Critical Mass and OG Kush, both of which are well-known strains. The ultimate result is a robust, long-lasting, and productive cannabis plant that will please both veterans and newbies. When inhaled, Critical Kush has a floral, acidic flavor with earthy, sour overtones. Critical Kush is an excellent end-of-the-day smoke due to its high THC content of up to 25 percent and capacity to take you to a state of deep relaxation. A cautionary note, even so: this immense power may catch the unsuspecting off guard!


Super Critical is a Sativa-dominant hybrid of Skunk, White Widow, and Big Bud. The end result is a beautiful stone with good yields and a strong body focus. Super Critical has a dank flavor with sweet and tangy overtones due to its various and distinct genetics. Despite this, the intricacy has been produced masterfully, and most fans will be satisfied. The high is almost narcotic in nature, lulling the body into total relaxation. As an outcome, Super Critical is a great option for people looking for pain treatment. When grown by a specialist, Super Critical is pushed in its growth and can produce enormous, boisterous yields.

Moby Dick

The Moby Dick cannabis feminized seeds strain is a sought-after legendary. It’s a modern classic that will live on for future decades. It is a slight Sativa dominating hybrid that combines both Sativa and Indica highs advantages. It resembles Haze and White Widow. Her smoke tastes predominantly earthy, with traces of lemon, wood, and pine. The high both lifts and calms the mind, allowing you to think clearly while staying utterly relaxed. Moby Dick morphs into a mythological Leviathan when cultivated in the open air, situated at an altitude of more than 3 meters, and yielding over 1500 grams for each plant under optimum conditions. Most cannabis growers will agree that Moby Dick is an early favorite because of the combination of outstanding flavors, a strong high, and enormous yields. Moby Dick flowering duration is approximately ten weeks.



Amnesia Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that combines Dutch and American genetics. Amnesia Haze is a fantastic strain for those who prefer a variety of flavors since she has a strong citrus-sweet smell and scent that is complimented the dank earthiness. The high, on the other hand, is Amnesia Haze’s most sought feature. She provides you with an unshakeable cerebral high that makes you feel as if you’ve been lifted into heaven. Smoking Amnesia Haze is frequently compared to pressing the “clean” tab in your brain, resulting in the release of stress and anxiety after a pretty hard day.

After returning to Earth, the mind feels revitalized and energized. Amnesia Haze grows to moderate heights and provides high yields for its size. This would be roughly 600 grams per square meter at optimal conditions. It takes about 12 weeks to blossom, which is a tad long for such a potent Sativa dominant hybrid. It’s an old-school classic that many cannabis users still like.

Super Skunk

Sensi Seeds’ first true effort to build on such a fantastic classic as Skunk No.1, generating a Hybrid with yields, vibrancy, and potency never seen in a skunk strain before, and they have succeeded beyond all expectations. Super Skunk grew into a long-term project, tracing Skunk’s beginnings in Afghanistan in pursuit of the perfect specimen to mate with their one-of-a-kind Skunk #1. It took a long time, but they eventually got the right blend by breeding multiple landrace Afghani males and females. Super Skunk won the High Times Cannabis Cup shortly after its release. Super Skunk is as potent and popular now as it was in 1990. This fragrant and properly skunky strain packs a hefty punch that will keep you firmly planted to your sofa – ideal for a laid-back session with buddies. Aside from its numerous benefits, Super Skunk is also very easy to raise, yields enormous harvests, and blossoms in just six to seven weeks! A timeless classic including some of the best cannabis seeds on the market!

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