The Best Time of Day to Get a Tattoo

If you call the tattoo shop or send an email to your artist with a new idea, they will first ask “When are your thoughts about making an appointment?”

When Is the Best Time to Get a Tattoo?

Many people will agree that tattoos can be done at any time. No matter what time you choose to get a tattoo, make sure to eat well at least two hours before you go.

Summer and Spring

Many people get tattoos during the summer. There is a lot of skin showing. You can show off your new addition with minimal clothing.

You should take more precautions if you get a tattoo during the summer than you would at other times. Avoid swimming, apply sunscreen, and avoid sun exposure. You should also limit your travel.

Spring also sees an increase in new tattoos since most Americans receive their tax refund money. This means they have more disposable income. This results in busy parlors and long waiting lists.

Autumn and Winter

Fall and winter are the best seasons to get a tattoo. Fall is colder and more humid, no matter where you live. This means that your skin will be less exposed to the elements and sweat less. You won’t have to deal with adverse weather or temperature shocks outside because the weather outside is more like what you see indoors.

Winter is the best time to get a tattoo, as long as you don’t spend too much time outside. It’s important to protect your tattoo from the elements. However, too much protection can cause irritation or infection due to constant friction with fabric and rubbing.

Winter is a season for celebrations like Hanukkah and Christmas. The festive season can bring more income, which can be used to purchase a new piece of body art.

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