The Best Way To Take Care Of An Injured Knee

If you have injured your knee, chances are you may be finding it hard to work. There are many ways to injure a knee as this joint is one of the most used. The knee joint isn’t’ always as stable as it could be. This is why many people injure their knees.

If you too have injured your knee there are a few ways that you can take care of it. Read on to find out how:

Rest Your Knee, But Not Too Much

Anyone who has injured their knee may be tempted to rest it. It may make sense to rest a joint that is painful. However, resting a joint too much can make the muscles weak. Here is where a lot of people find an issue. A knee can seem to painful too walk on. However, resting it is too much is not advised

If you are in a lot of pain you may need help with sports injuries and to speak with your doctor. They can help you to understand how to keep your knee active without hurting it even more.

Exercise Your Knee

A very good way for you to make your knee stronger is to exercise it. If your knee is not too painful it makes sense to exercise when you can. Try to undertake an exercise that increases flexibility in your knee while supporting it. For example, stretching exercises, swimming, and some weight training exercises can help.

Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation (RICE)

When it’s time to rest your knee, add some ice to the swollen, painful area. If you don’t have any ice, use some frozen peas instead. Just make sure that you wrap the ice or peas in a towel so you don’t get ice burns.

Wear a bandage on your knee if it’s not too painful to do so. Ideally, the bandage you wear will compress your knee slightly. This can help to reduce some of the swelling. When there’s less swelling, there can be less pain.

Finally, you should elevate your knee. Lifting your knee up so it’s higher than your heart can help to reduce the blood flow. When there is reduced blood flow you may find that your knee is less painful.

Take Painkillers

Consider taking some painkillers that can be purchased over the counter. Some painkillers not only help to relieve pain, they can help to reduce inflammation. Please make sure you always follow the dosage instructions on the package.

If regular painkillers do not help with your pain, please speak to your doctor. They may prescribe you more effective medication. You may also be asked to see a physical therapist.

An injured knee can be very painful. It can cause problems while you walk and it can even make standing difficult. This article has outlined some methods you could use to help you take care of your knee. If you’re concerned about your knee at any time, please speak to a doctor.

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