The Best Ways to Edit PDFs in Google Docs for 2021

The Best Ways to Edit PDFs in Google Docs for 2021

There is no Google Drive PDF editor that lets users edit or alter their PDF files. There are, however, ways that knowledgeable users can find workarounds to let them edit PDF files only using Google Workspace. The workarounds yield passable results. For more serious and foundational changes that need to be made, users should always go with a trusted online or paid PDF editing tool. But for quick edits to important PDF documents, users can still upload their PDFs to Google Drive and use one of the possible tools to edit their PDFs.

Edit a PDF on Google Docs

By now, everyone is more or less familiar with the way that PDFs can be edited only using a program like Google Docs. Google Docs recognizes the certain elements of a PDF, which it will keep when converting it to a Doc. But not all of the original elements of a PDF will transfer, which is one drawback of using this method.

Users can upload any PDF file to their Google Drive and then open it as a Google Doc. There is a possibility that the PDF users are trying to open will not open at all, even in a Google Docs format. The file may be too big or contain too much different data that the file will not open at all.

If the file does open, users can then begin editing the text elements of the file. As mentioned, images, graphics, and other features will not open in the Google Docs and users will have to use a dedicated PDF editor or PDF tool to change or alter those elements. After making the necessary changes to the text of the PDF, users can save and download the new file as a PDF from the File menu.

Light It Up With Highlight Text

Highlighting text is a common editing concept that applies to all documents, paper and digital. Modern word processors all feature the Highlighting tool to give users the ability to mark important and relevant passages and online PDF editors are no different. Users can easily find the Highlight icon on any up-to-date make PDF forms tool or program.

Add Text to PDFs

One of the easiest ways to add text to a PDF file is with Google Docs. The platform’s limitation (text-only editing) is also its most notable feature, as changes to the text are typically the things that users want to change about their PDF documents. Users can begin by uploading their PDF file to Google Drive and then opening it in Google Docs.

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Once opened (if the file does open), users can treat the document like any other Google Docs, with a few exceptions. Users will still not be able to do things like add or remove pages or merge other PDF files with the current document. Users will only be able to add or remove text from the file and nothing else, at least, with Google Docs. But the text that is included in the file in some other element (like a graph, or infographic) will not be able to be edited.

How Else Can I Edit a PDF on Google Drive?

There are not many other ways to edit PDFs using Google Drive. The Google Workspace has its specific priorities and uses, but editing PDFs is not one of them. Users can of course save their new PDF files to Google Drive. Many online PDF editors also allow for their programs to be synced with Google Drive or Dropbox so that all changes are automatically saved. You can sign a PDF online with tools like CocoSign.

Editing PDFs in 2021

The options for editing PDFs online and offline have grown over the years. The technology has become more widespread and the market is full of newer, more advanced tools. One of these programs is Lumin PDF, which gives users a wide range of tools to edit, change or secure their PDF files.

Lumin is available in both an online version and a downloadable program so users can continue editing or changing their PDF files even when offline. Some of Lumin PDFs more outstanding features include the aforementioned Google Drive and Dropbox syncing which makes PDFs more secure and easier to share.

The cloud-based program also gives Lumin users the ability to collaborate in real-time on a specific document so that everyone knows and can see the changes being suggested by others. Lumin also features a large database of PDF templates that users can choose from and edit to suit their specific needs.

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