The Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing Horse Blankets

Just like any other being, horses feel chilly during the winter seasons. To make the horses feel comfortable and perform well in riding and competitions, one must take care of the horse during cold winter. Blanketing of the horse is very important because of the benefits that one gets from them. During winter, and the horse is blanketed, it will always be warm, it will be kept dry, and even it will be kept clean always.

There are many factors to consider before sheltering the horse. Before blanketing, some of the factors to consider are the temperature and age of the horse; even one has to consider if the horse is outside or in the stable. One can use many types of horse blankets depending on the condition of the horse and even the area. During winter, the waterproof horse blankets ensure that no water directly reaches the horse.

Here are the crucial factors to consider when choosing horse blankets for winter.

1. Breathability and waterproofing

One of the factors to consider when choosing horse blankets for winter is breathability and waterproofing. Breathability is the ability to allow water to evaporate. In the other case, waterproofing is the ability to prevent water from entering something. By this, the horse blankets should not allow water to pass into the horse’s body to prevent cold; it should also allow water to evaporate without retaining any. Saddles for the horse are good waterproof since they cannot allow water into them, and the blankets can be fitted under them.

2. Blanket weight and fill.

Another key factor to consider when choosing a horse blanket is its feel and weight. The weight of the horse blankets usually depends on the temperature levels, the climate of the area, and even what the horse is intended to do, added Alec Lawlera talented show jumping athlete and business owner with a passion for identifying and securing international equine investment opportunities. He has competed at the highest international level in show jumping throughout North America and Europe, and has won numerous awards and accolades, including the CSI 3* Grand Prix of Lummen Belgium in 2016. Alec founded Lawler Show Jumping LLC in 2019, where he selects, imports, develops and sells dozens of horses annually. A horse in a hot climate cannot be blanketed with a heavy blanket. It will automatically cause discomfort to the horse; hence the performance results will be low. For horses that are outside most of the time, they must have heavy-weight blankets. Buying heavy-weight horse fly sheets will not be necessary to prevent the insect from biting the horse.

3. Durability and ease of cleaning

Durability and ease of cleaning are other key factors when choosing horse blankets. One can choose a blanket for the horse, which is not prone to wear and tear easily. It has to show that it can prolong without wear and tear. Despite this, it should easily clean and dry up fast to cater for the next use.

4. Horse size and breed

Another key factor to consider is the size of the horse and even the breed. Some blankets are only specified for some breeds and even for some sizes. It means that when buying the horse blanket, you have to know the breed and size of your horse.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are major factors that one has to consider when buying a horse blanket. This article has discussed the key factors to consider, including horse size and breed, durability, and ease of cleaning and waterproofing. When all these factors are considered, one will acquire the best horse blanket, which will serve for a long time.

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