The defunct FIFA Confederations Cup

Between 2001 and 2017, every nation that organized a FIFA World Cup hosted another tournament the year before. It was the FIFA Confederations Cup, and many saw this tournament as some sort of test tournament. The reason for that was that countries could test themselves in terms of organization, and make the necessary adjustments before the World Cup. The features all major football competitions that are organized everywhere throughout the world.

Normally, those who won different continental championships were the participants of the Confederations Cup. This meant that it was possible to see the winners from competitions like:

  • the UEFA Euro;
  • the Copa América;
  • the African Cup of Nations;
  • and the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Also, it was expected that the host of the cup and the last FIFA World Cup winner would also attend the Confederations Cup. All matches of every major FIFA Competition are available at the 1xBet website.

Beginnings in Saudi Arabia

While the first pre-World Cup edition of the FIFA Confederations Cup took place in 2001, the first version of the tournament was celebrated in 1992. However, it didn’t have neither the same name nor the same format.

At that time, the competition was known as the King Fahd Cup. The namesake was the ruler of Saudi Arabia, and he wanted to have a world-class football competition in his country. When visiting 1xBet – try betting football on Saudi Arabian football.

However, in 1997, FIFA decided to take over the competition. First, it wanted to organize it every two years. However, in 2001, it was decided to transform the competition into some kind of rehearsal for the countries that organized the World Cup.

The idea was that the host nation of the big competition could get a glimpse on what would happen on their territories in the following year. You can try football betting on the 1xBet platform on every edition of the FIFA World Cup.

Cancellation of the tournament

Russia also organized the championship in 2017, the year before their World Cup. Russian football can also be wagered on at the website. Therefore, it meant that Qatar should also do the same in 2021. However, it was argued that due to the high temperatures in the country, it was not advisable to host the competition between June and July.

The FIFA World Cup was already moved from those months to November. However, many adjustments had to be made to do that. It was not possible to do the same with the FIFA Confederations Cup. It was thought that the competition could be moved elsewhere in the Asian confederation, whose leagues are also available in the 1xBet site. However, it was ultimately decided to abolish the tournament altogether.

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