The Easiest Way to Start Trading

Once you’ve finished with learning trading theory, it’s time to start actual trading. However, it’s not so simple. Troubles start when you choose a platform, as there are too much sites. We recommend to use Just2Trade, as its simplicity is a really important advantage especially for beginners. Don’t forget about other benefits:

  • Just2Trade Online Ltd is regulated by the CySec, so the firm is completely trustworthy.
  • The site accepts Mastercard and Visa, the most popular banking methods around the globe. Transactions are processed in United States Dollars.
  • You can exchange USD to Bitcoin and Ethereum. J2TX wants to add even more cryptocurrencies in the near future. Follow the blog of the company to keep in touch with the news.
  • Financial operations on the website are really fast. Each of them takes only 1-5 minutes. It’s really important in trading, as a situation can change within a few seconds, and you need to adapt.
  • You can use the platform in 7 languages, including Chinese, Russian, Italian and Malaysian. Wherever you are from, you’ll feel comfortable on this site.

Step 1: Choose the Amount of Money

You’ll see the fiat to cryptocurrency rate on the main page. Type how much money you’d like to change. Make sure you’ve it’s more than $50 and less than $2500. The amount of Ethereum or Bitcoin will be shown instantly. Choose the Continue option as soon as you finish with that.

Step 2: Sign Up and Pass Verification

All you need to do is just enter your email address. Tick the box below, otherwise you can’t go to the next step. This is how you express your agreement with the Terms of Use and Refund Policy of J2TX. You’ll receive a letter with a link. Click it to confirm the email address.

After confirming email, pass verification. Unlike on other platforms, the process in Just2Trade is pretty simple and fast. Just provide some personal data and attach photos/scans of your documents. All the information will be reviewed for up to 24 hours. You’ll get a notification with the results. Don’t worry about safety. Verification is provided by Sum&Substance, which is widely known in the industry. No other third-party companies will get access to your personal data.

Step 3: Enter Billing Information

The site will ask you to type card number, expiration date, CVV and cardholder name. Both Visa and Mastercard are allowed. You cannot use a card which is not yours, as it violates the rules of the site. Verify the transaction via the mobile app of the bank or SMS. You’ll have to wait for several minutes (up to 5).

There’s a small fee which is applied to deposits on the website. You have to pay 0,95% each time you make a transaction. Just2Trade is one of the best sites in this regard, as the commission is very low. What’s more, the first transaction is completely free, and that’s great for both newcomers and experienced traders.

You are allowed to do whatever you want with cryptocurrency as soon as the transaction is completed. Users of the platform can invest it, withdraw or just hold it in the wallet till the right moment.

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