The Incredible Journey Of The Slot Machine

It wasn’t an instant success story for the slot machine you see today. A fascinating tale lies behind every great accomplishment, and the slot machine is no exception. The slot machine was built from the ground up and can now be played on your phone anytime – also try Centurion Slot.

Let us now take you on a journey through the incredible and interesting history of the slot machine.

The Beginning of Slot Machines

Even though the first slot machine was invented in 1885, today’s slot machines are light years ahead of their predecessors. This specific slot machine exclusively shows horse races where people used Nickels for bets, and the tokens won can be exchanged for beverages or cigars. 

Later, a bar in Brooklyn built another slot machine. Each of the five drums in this machine has ten distinct card faces, making for a total of 10 card faces. Like the slot machines from 1885, players can put in nickels and win cigars and drinks. It was hard to get regular payouts from this machine since it had many winning combinations. 

The Liberty Bell slot machine was introduced in 1894-1895. This slot machine by Charles Fey was the first to have reels and symbols. It had three reels that turned, and five symbols were on each reel. The symbols include diamonds, horseshoes, jingle bells, spades, and hearts. 

Do you know the United States made slot machines illegal? 

Many states in the United States outlawed slot machines in 1902 due to anti-gambling legislation. Fey had to come up with a plan quickly. He created slot machines that didn’t provide cash winnings to get around the rules. 

Fruits and sweets replaced the card symbols on the reels. The reward shown on the reels would be awarded to the players. For example, if a player landed on three images of chewing gum, they would get a package of gum. 

By 1909, slot machines and other new inventions were very popular. Many states had already banned gambling machines at that time. In the later years, fruit slots were introduced, and the winnings were handed out as chewing gum. For the first time in 1916, Mills Novelty Company introduced a jackpot game using a bar sign invented in 1910. 

Despite their incredible progress, slot machines were outlawed in additional states by 1920. As soon as Nevada authorized slot machines, other states followed suit, and people began generating real money from slot machines in 1951. 

The Invention of Electromechanical Slot Machine

Electromechanical slot machines marked a significant development after the first-generation mechanical slot machines. It was created by Bally, a company that was well-known in the gaming industry and called Money Honey. 

After a few years, the lever was removed and replaced by a button that made spinning easier and more convenient.

Innovative Ideas

After Money Honey, many new ideas came along. In the 1970s, video slot machines were among the major innovations. 

In 1996, a bonus round was included in a slot machine by WMS Industries. Even though bonus rounds are common now, they were a big deal in the 1990s. 

Players triggering the bonus round on the same slot machine received additional winnings. From this point on, bonuses became a standard feature of slot machines.

Online Slot Games

Slot machines saw yet another big shift in the 1990s with the arrival of the Internet. Players can no longer go to a brick-and-mortar establishment to play slots. 

The slot games were now digital games that players could play at online casinos. Online slots are now the most popular games on casino websites in the 21st century. 

There’s no doubt that online slots have affected the economy and society. According to a study done in the UK, slot players spend more than £5 billion on video slots each year. 

Slots have an exciting future. The industry can expect more amazing changes as technology improves in the coming years.