The Law of Handicap in Cockfighting: A Detailed Guide For Rookies

Law of handicap in cockfighting is all information chief Players need to understand to take advantage of this entertainment. Let’s learn about the law in detail with Hi88 and tips on how to apply it effectively in the following article. Don’t miss the chance to discover and improve your chances of winning in exciting matches!

What is the law of handicap in cockfighting?

Handicap is the rule that applies to matches where two cocks are of different weights. This will ensure fairness for both boxers. For example, the smaller chicken will be handicapped with a certain percentage, if any fighter wins, it will be glorious.

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The definition of handicap applies to cockfighting.

Although Dispute in cockfighting can offer great opportunities for profit, but players also need to consider and evaluate carefully to avoid risk and needless loss of money. Understanding the handicap and applying it wisely will increase your chances of winning in this dramatic cockfighting game.

Types of handicaps in cockfighting

The cockfight handicap plays an important role in the evaluation and betting process on the cocks participating in the match. In order to help rookies understand and make accurate betting decisions, the following bookmaker Hi88 will reveal the types of cockfight handicap applied.

Handicap with silver

Applicable to bamboo cock fighting: Bamboo chicken breed is known for its relatively small body and weight, so Dispute law in cockfighting will be applied as soon as they have a difference in weight. Starting from the landmark 30 flowers difference will accept the ratio 1:8, increase the rank when the difference is 10 flowers.

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Types of handicap applicable in cockfighting.

Applied to feathered chickens: Compared to bamboo chickens, feathered chickens have a much higher weight and do not differ too much in each match. Two cocks with a weight difference of 40 flowers will accept the ratio 1:8, increasing the rank when the difference is 15 flowers.

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Accepting chickens fighting with iron spurs

Apply to bamboo cocks: Two cocks with a weight difference of 40 flowers will accept 1 plant, increasing the plant when there is a difference of 40 flowers. For example, your chicken weighs 1 kg, but the opponent’s chicken weighs 1 kg and 50g Dispute law in cockfighting will stipulate that your chicken is “on the truss” 1 tree, 1 silver.

Apply to feathered chickens: Two cocks with a weight difference of 50 flowers will accept 1 plant, increasing the rank when the next 50 flowers are different. Cockfighting matches using this form of handicap require players to have experience and the ability to accurately evaluate cocks to make effective betting decisions.

Tips to win with handicap in cockfighting

Winning in cockfighting is not just luck, but also requires sophistication, skill in assessing and applying handicaps intelligently. Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of winning when participating in handicap matches.

Master the rules of handicap and the chance to win

Before participating in cockfighting with handicap rules, understand the types of handicaps and how to calculate the winning percentage based on the weight of the cocks. Understanding the handicap rules will help you make the right betting decisions as well as increase your chances of winning.

Tips to win with handicap.

Observe and analyze chickens carefully

Keep a close eye on each cock participating in the fight, observing how they move, perform, and fight. Detailed analysis to evaluate strength, ability, as well as fighting style. From there, you can make meticulous predictions and bets based on the information gathered.

Focus on the right prediction strategy

To be successful with Dispute law in cockfighting , determine your betting strategy based on your judgment. Avoid betting on gut feelings or indiscriminate predictions. Focus on accurately assessing each fighter’s ability to win and make decisions based on your best strategy.

Participate in prestigious tournaments and practice skills

Participating in prestigious cockfighting tournaments will help you practice your evaluation and betting skills effectively. Learning from talented cockers and accumulating your own experience will help you become a wise cockfighter and win more.

The above tips of Hi88 will help you increase your chances of winning and enjoy exciting cockfights with handicaps. Gaining experience, understanding the rules of the game will help you achieve success in this entertainment.


Here is the information about Dispute law in cockfighting  that Hi88 wants to send to the rookie. Cockfighting is a sport that requires a deep understanding of the rules of handicap and proper application will determine the victory of cockers. Enter the game with confidence with solid knowledge and increase your chances of success in this exciting game.

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