The Luxury Watch That Will Pacify Any Watch Enthusiast

Maurice Lacroix, one of the more recent luxury watchmakers, was launched in 1975 through another firm, Desco von Schulthess. The company got a lot of love and recognition when they released their high-end Masterpiece collection. As their reputation grew, they were hired by even the highest-ranking Swiss manufacturers.

Maurice Lacroix was established in 1975 as part of a larger Zurich-based company called Desco von Schulthess. Desco von Schulthess started manufacturing private label watches for third parties after purchasing an assembly plant in Saignelégier. In 1975, the company began selling luxury watches under the brand Maurice Lacroix for the first time.

About the Company

Since its inception in 1975, Maurice Lacroix has maintained the great tradition and quality that is synonymous with Swiss watches. Each timepiece is handcrafted in the company’s Saignelégier workshops. Quality, accuracy, and perfection have always been valued by the company throughout its 40 years of excellent craftsmanship.

At Maurice Lacroix, each craftsman has a high level of expertise and experience. Watches are unique because of the ability and dedication needed to produce them. Although adhering to and maintaining conventional traditions and standards, the organization also incorporates elements of cutting-edge technology to ensure that it remains current.

Collection of Maurice Lacroix Watches

Maurice Lacroix has an excellent set of men’s timepieces. These are only some of the watch collections available for you.

1. Masterpiece

One of the first collections released by the company was the masterpiece series. The watches in this line are all beautiful works of art, as the name implies. The skeleton designs the watches created for this line have the most beautiful openwork dial detail while still retaining structural rigidity, and they feature Maurice Lacroix’s most fundamental handiwork. The piece’s overall elegance is enhanced by its slender form.

2. Masterpiece MP6118-PVB01-330-1 

This piece from the collection has a beautiful black and silver-grey color scheme. The dial is polished in a hypnotic black lacquer with rhodium-plated hands and indexes. The brace is a stunning black crocodile pattern with a black pin buckle that adds to the piece’s captivating appearance. It has a 50-hour power reserve and is water-resistant to 50 meters.

3. Pontos

This collection aims to achieve clarity of intent. This set of watches has a simple but stylish style that can be worn on any occasion. Pontos’ pieces have a timeless style that can be worn by people of all ages. It is very user-friendly due to its transparent and easy structure, so you can enjoy and see every moment of your life without any needless complications.

4. Pontos Day Date 41mm

The dial and brace are made of stainless steel. The time is easy to read thanks to the 41mm case diameter. The date and time are also shown in this piece. This is something that all of the watches in this series have in common. The dial has a basic but elegant design. The timepiece would look great on every wrist with its blue sun-brushed and sandblasted dial and silver stainless steel buckle. The watch is water-resistant to 100 meters and has a 38-hour power reserve.

5. Les Classiques 

Many people hold the opinion that the classics are the best. Redesigning a classic is a difficult job that often fails. At Maurice Lacroix, on the other hand, the trend is to press forward to encourage “passion for change.” The Les Classiques series was born from this theory. The pieces in this series are timeless classics that have been updated with the tiniest of specifics in a sophisticated way. When you consider the little details individually, they don’t seem like much, but when you put them all together, you get a truly magnificent timepiece that deserves to be called a classic.

6. Les Classiques Moonphase 40mm 

The dial on this Moonphase watch measures 40mm in diameter. This timepiece, with a silver and blue dial designed to resemble the night sky, is one of the most captivating in the entire series. To complement the dial’s starry nature, the hands and indexes are rhodium plated. The case is made of stainless steel and is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters. The harness is made of black calf leather, which contributes to the piece’s elegance. If you’re looking for a watch to wear on a special occasion, this is it.

7. Aikon 

Aikon, the newest addition to the series, is targeted at the younger, sportier crowd. The line’s different finishes and designs empower young people to make their fashion statement without fear of being judged.

8. Aikon Chronograph 44mm  

This watch has a very bold style and an all-black look, making it a piece that is sure to stand out. It is solid and sturdy, with a black PVD 44mm shell. It can withstand up to 100 meters of water. By visiting this site you can know this about


The company’s goal is to create the most comfortable and cutting-edge watches possible. Its lineups include a variety of Maurice Lacroix watches in various styles and looks, allowing you to find the perfect piece for every occasion. You should find something that not only provides elegance but also comfort, whether formal or casual, traditional or contemporary. Maurice Lacroix provides a wide range of items at affordable prices. Each collection is distinct in its own way and focuses on a specific theme. So, if you’re looking for a unique gift for yourself or a loved one, look no further than Maurice Lacroix!

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