The Main Reasons for Complaints in Logistics

Can you name any business with no negative reviews and unsatisfied clients? Nope? Nobody can’t. The thing is any type of activity has both supporters and opponents. The aspects appreciated by one person may irritate or even drive crazy another one. The task of any business owner is to make everything possible to minimize the possible negative feedback and to please as many customers as possible.

Logistics is not an exception. If you have ever tried to find a freight forwarding company, you know for sure that almost every agency has both pluses and minuses. You definitely want to know why some customers are disappointed with shipping services, as well as how to avoid potential problems. Below you find the most common reasons why clients leave complaints about this or that freight broker.

Damaged items

Transportation is a rather complicated process. It’s impossible to predict for sure what will happen on the road. Sometimes containers are damaged due to car crashes or bad weather conditions.

Lost cargo

Nowadays thanks to various tracking applications this problem is not as acute as it was several years ago. It’s enough to install a special application on your smartphone and you will be able to monitor all the movements of your cargo. Yet, unfortunately, not all logistics agencies utilize such technologies. Moreover, sometimes due to equipment malfunction, it’s possible to lose the cargo. The best way to avoid significant financial losses is to

Improper documentation

In order to receive everything on time, it’s necessary to provide all the needed papers. The list of necessary documents may vary from case to case. If you are not sure that you can cope with this task on your own or your broker can do this, it’s better to hire professionals. Moreover, nowadays there are lots of online services. They make everything for you in no time.

Broken deadlines

The smooth functioning of any business depends on how fast the needed supplies will be delivered. It’s always recommended to place an order as early as possible but only a few business owners really do this. Yet, then, the very business owners are furious while they get their goods too late.

Rude workers

You can hardly find a client who is fond of communicating with incompetent and rude workers. It’s of prime importance to hire specialists who do not only possess all the needed knowledge and skills but also are able to find a common language with the most demanding customers. It’s also a good idea to organize different language training in order to show workers how to communicate with clients in different situations.

If you are going to start your own logistics company, you have to consider the above-mentioned aspects in order to avoid common mistakes. Yet, it should be highlighted that it’s not always possible to do this.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that complaints are an integral part of any logistics procedure whether you like it or not. If you desire to become a good freight broker, it’s up to you to learn how to deal with conflicts and how to respond to possible issues of any kind.

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