The Most Prestigious Annual Event in Professional Cricket

The most prestigious annual event in professional Cricket – the Indian Premier League, will be held from March 26 till May 29. During that time all the Cricket fans will get the great opportunity to watch the fight of the TOP 10 strongest PRO-level clubs in India. But the Lucknow Super Giants vs Delhi Capitals match is one the most anticipated for most sports fans and bettors. Both teams really deserve to win this meet but only one of them will finish it as the winner.

For the newbies, the whole forecasting thing can be really complicated. That’s why it’s better to start from the Cricket rules learning because there are a lot of requirements and features here. Also, it is important to read the chosen match regulations that help further bolster the chances of the right forecast. And if you want to bet on Premier League matches then it’s better to start from this tournament learning.

It is needed to remember that the first IPL matches were held in 2008 and for such a long period the tournament underwent many changes. At the beginning of the event, only eight domestic teams from the cities across the country took part and the first trophy was the Rajasthan Royals (this team is still one of the participants of the IPL). This year it will be the 15th season. Many of them were really successful for the Chennai Super Kings and most of the forecasters believe that this exact club has real chances for a big win this playing season also. It’s the second most successful IPL team with 3 IPL title wins. This exact club took part in the IPL final eight times and won 100 games (with a total of 165 matches).

Have a look at the list of other more effective clubs of the League:

  • Mumbai Indians
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • SunRisers Hyderabad

The Mumbai Indians won 4 IPL titles in various years. That’s why this team is still in the first place due to the total wins number between all the participants of the Premier League. The winning percentage total is about 57.29 now, and the total number of matches is 185 (105 was successful).

The Kolkata Knight Riders could take third place in the TOP successful Indian Cricket clubs with two wins. It’s interesting that this team still holds the record for having the most significant number of consecutive wins in the Premier League. The total number of matches that they won in a row is 14. And it’s without a single loss. Kolkata Knight Riders have played 182 matches and 92 of them were won. The actual winning percentage, for now, is 51.6%.

The Rajasthan Royals got their trophy in 2008, which was the first IPL season. They are as strong as SunRisers Hyderabad who won the title in season 2016 and became the runner-up in a few years.

Now when you know all the TOP-rated IPL teams with several wins it’s the best time for the forecast preparation. So use this information in addition to the personal player’s statistics and the actual team’s shape before the IPL will be started. Don’t bet on Cricket without any preparation because that type of approach isn’t effective.

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