The Popularity of Kio DJ ; the Great Colombian DJ

Diego Bolívar is a synonym of reggaeton and urban music in Colombia and South America and was recognized in the artistic environment since the early 2000s as “Kio DJ.”

In 2012 when he became the first Colombian Dj to perform in the Playboy Mansion, he came to play at Soho House West Hollywood. These career experiences are remarkable and can only be attended by famous people, as they have great popularity, influence, and a strong influence on the music industry in his country.

Since his early adolescence in Bogota-Colombia motivated him to watch MTV, he became consort with the local music producers. He was fascinated by music; he established his first twists and began to perform for friends and family at the age of fifteen. He then received a contract with a big record company in Colombia as a mobile DJ. Since then, he can be spotted on decks in front of packed locations, concerts, and concerts alongside some of the most popular performers. He began his career expanding over South America.

He has been one of the resident DJs in club number 2 worldwide, “Cavalli Club,” from concerts with budding reggaeton stars, world tours, and DJs at the best festivals. It wasn’t always that way, however. Calls and emails ceased reaching him somewhere back in the 2000s. He left Colombia and went to Los Angeles to continue his career as a DJ without any more concerts, parties, or CDs.

When he returned to Bogota, he started his own “Kio recordings” firm and had success for some time, but many artists turned back on him when they succeeded. The fighting has just started. With his final savings, music, and no money in his bank account, he went to Dubai with a small bag. The knock from door to door started by Kio DJ, who was looking to play as a DJ, and “We don’t need a DJ for now” everywhere as the answer.

As he put it in an interview, “I didn’t even have money to buy food or pay my rent at that time, but at the end of the tunnel, however, there is always light”. The Latin bar’s last call increased his odds of returning.

He was prepared to return to the large clubs and tours after a lot of effort and building a new network of friends and music. He received a call from a Billionaire mansion and afterward visited India, Sri Lanka, and France on a bit of a trip.

When Kio DJ returned to Dubai, he joined the famous “Cirque Le sour” club in London, then “Cavalli club” following a multimillion-dollar makeup. Cavalli club has been recognized as MENA club number one and worldwide number two.

This happened in Bogotá, Colombia, where Kio Dj was born at the 6th International Nightlife Congress. His final Instagram status was “I’m pleased to be Colombian, I’m proud to represent my country around the world without any knowledge of them — just think of yourself, never give up.”