The Preparation Experience of CCNP Learning

To start learning CCNP, the first step is to figure out your learning purpose of CCNP. Do you want to get a certification, or to learn more knowledge, or to improve your ability? No matter what your learning purpose, which may be learning or working, the most important thing is to have a clear goal.

It’s better to read the book by yourself before going to the training class.

You don’t need to read it very carefully. The key point is to read the knowledge points of the book as a whole and have an impression in your mind. For the basic concept, you had better think about it first carefully. If you don’t understand it, make a mark and have the class with your questions. That’s enough.

It’s better to prepare a notebook for class, and record the teacher’s lecture framework, key points, difficulty points and engineering experience.

This is very useful for the later review. It can help you recall what you have learned. It is not necessary to record all the knowledge points. However, you must take notes when teacher talks about the important questions, difficult questions and the repeated explanations of the question.

In addition, the most important thing is that when teachers talk about a certain knowledge point in class, they will explain some engineering experience about CCNP. This is the most valuable one. Other things can not be noted, but if you miss this, you are making a big mistake.In other words, no one will force you to pick the gold ingot.

In addition, it is necessary to communicate with your classmates. In the process of my CCNP 350-401 practice, I often discuss experiments with my classmates and learn from each other.

At the end of each class, it’s better to take the time to have a look at the knowledge points that you have just learned about CCNP.

This is the second time to read, with the teacher’s explanation, the effect will be much better at this time. But this time you must read the book completely. Read all the knowledge in the book and think about it.

The pace of the experiment should be fast and conscientious.

Every time you finish the CCNP course, for example, the course of the exchanging in the past two weeks, you had better finish the experiment of the exchanging immediately. Don’t put off till tomorrow what should be done today. Learning process takes a long time. You may forget the former knowledge, and the learning cycle has also been lengthened a lot.

Finally, finish the question bank carefully. This is the last step of the test for the certification. Question bank is actually the good learning material. Don’t take it as the normal recitation material, which doesn’t make much sense to deal with the certification examination. The biggest difference between CCNP exam and university examination is the practicality of the learning content. The skills of the CCNP will be used in future work generally. If we grasp it well now, it will play an important role in our future work.

Therefore, for the question bank of the CCNP, we should think about every question carefully and finish them. Over 90 percent of the questions can be finished correctly on their own, which shows you have passed the theory test.

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