The Reasons Dental Implants Are Popular

Your dental specialist may recommend dental implants because they are suitable for replacing a missing tooth or all lost jaw teeth. Moreover, dental implants come in handy in supporting removable or fixed dental dentures that may slip, click, and keep you from consuming whatever you desire. Generally, the number of dental implants Bronx you need will depend on the number of missing teeth and the space available on your jawbone.

Subsequently, below are the reasons dental implants are popular and why you may also prefer them when you visit your dentist’s office next time.

Fits you comfortably

It is the work of your dentist to ensure that your dental implants correctly fill the gap left by one or more lost teeth. Compared to bridges that tend to slip, implants comfortably fit the space left by your natural teeth.

Because dental implants pleasantly fit in your mouth, you will also have a natural, vibrant smile. Therefore, you will always be confident when smiling, eating, or engaging in social events without doubting your appearance or worrying if your dentures will slip from your mouth.


The design of dental implants is to enable them to be a permanent solution for your issue of missing teeth. Generally, professionally fixed implants can last from 20-30 years.

How long your dental implants survive before requiring a replacement will depend on the level of your regular maintenance through oral care.

Since dental implants are usually durable, they do not demand extensive maintenance, like dentures. You only need to adhere to your dentist’s orders, visit your hygienist regularly, floss frequently, and watch for potential signs of complications.

Delivers a high rate of success

The success rate of implants is often about 98%. The durable nature of implants ensures a higher success rate than other tooth replacement options, such as dentures. Your dental implants can last your lifetime.

Frequently and correctly take care of your oral health and implants to benefit from a higher success rate of the dental procedure. Also, strive to maintain a healthy body to encourage the implants to work well and last longer.

They improve eating

After a specialist installs dental implants, you will be comfortable in your mouth and eat foods that prove hard to chew with missing teeth. It becomes easy to consume and chew hard foods such as carrots and apples.

Dental implants improve your biting and chewing because they attach to your jawbone like natural teeth.

You can also speak without problems when you have dental implants.

Enhances your facial features

If you have missing teeth, the neighboring teeth push each other to shift toward the existing gap. That causes your teeth to be misaligned and jaw misalignment and deterioration. Misalignment of the jaw will make you have premature signs of aging, like sunken cheeks, sagging skin below your jawline, and a turkey neck.

Dental implants preserve your jawbone and prevent it from losing its density and deforming. Thus your facial features remain enhanced.

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