The Rich Tradition of Bangles in India

Bangles have been an integral part of a women’s adornment ritual since times unknown, they top the list of favorite accessories for women across the globe. Equally loved by kids, youngsters, and elderly women, bangles often are a powerful means of self-expression. Wondering what bangles that are limited and contained on well within the artistic hands can ever convey anything to anyone. Well, read on! on what different bangle styles say about the personality of those lovely hands they adorn on.

The Singles:

Single bangles talk a lot about how you can be empowering, individual, and all things unique. Single gold bangle designs are versatile in their design, if you are a floral or nature lover you will have plenty of options. Single bangles can be best partnered with practically every attire- Indian, western wear, an indo-western, a complete range of fusion wear, and even on these laid-back slacks at home. They depict a style that is evergreen, charming, and effortless.

The single bangles can also be your best rescue option when you want to dress up at your best and in a super rush. Likewise, they also are a welcome option for office wear too.

The Quirky patches:

These are the combo sets of bangles that you want to layer around depicting the great bohemian style. Quirky, fun, and offbeat you can layer at your own will. A gold bangle, leather strap, a metal trinket, gold bangles in combination with metals, bracelet with charms along with thin metal and gold bangles or simple layering of various gold tones i.e. rose gold, white & yellow gold. The options are practically limitless, again it totally depends on what you choose to wear and match your attire with.

The boho combos are something that will leave you with the freedom to mix and match different bangles.

The broad ones:

Mystical temple designs weaved into design give birth to these broad bangles. If your love for these bangles can instantly put you in the traditional person category. You would be someone who has a penchant for ancient architecture, traditional attires, and also someone who adores Indian designs. For those who love the broad bangles, here is a simple tip to accentuate your style-simply add a pair of beautiful Jhumka earrings.

The heavy ones:

The heavy bangles need not always be traditional but are a means of appending your style by a notch. Women who adore these heavy bangles try to keep them as the side bangles with a mix of regular ones at the middle. Mix and match will be your favorite game considering your fondness for this bangle category. The heavy ones are either loaded with design, embellishments like gemstones or made heavy in any self-design too.

The Delicate Bangle Bracelet:

Women who shift their roles constantly, running from pillar to post prefer this kind of bangle bracelet. Known for its effortless style, a bangle bracelet is both quirky and traditional at the same time. This two-way style is what makes it sought after amongst millennial women. They suit well for a traditional outing or a poolside cocktail party.

Having umpteen styles, bangles remain to be a means of self-expression for the majority of women. The different designs, artwork, themes,  and artistry available in bangles are unlimited. With such an assortment and multiple styles, bangles set the right example that fashion is indeed affordable by all.

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