The Story Behind Stargirl and the New Justice Society of America

Little did high school student Courtney Whitmore know, when she found that cosmic staff, it would lead her to a superhero life as Stargirl.

The adventures of Stargirl and her superhero team, the Justice Society of America, are chronicled in a series on the DC Universe streaming service and the CW broadcast network. Created by Executive Producer Geoff Johns, the show is in its second season. The series is based on the DC comic books created by Johns and Lee Moder.

Courtney’s new found powers come from the Cosmic Staff of former superhero Starman, one of the last members of the previous Justice Society. The Injustice Society of America killed Starman and the other JSA members. Courtney’s stepfather, Pat Dugan, knew about the staff and its powers because he had been Stripesy, Starman’s sidekick, back in the day.

What Happened To The Former Justice Society of America

Almost the entire team of the former Justice Society of America died in a Christmas Eve battle with the Injustice Society in 2010. One by one, the superheroes Flash, Wildcat, Sandman, and Dr. Mid-Nite met their demise. Starman died when he was impaled by a shard of ice thrown at him by the villain Icicle.

Stripesy gave up the superhero life after Starman died and settled down in Blue Valley, Nebraska, where he met and married Courtney’s mother.

Hourman was the only Justice Society member to survive the Christmas Eve battle. He and his wife also moved to Blue Valley, where he continued to keep track of the Injustice Society’s movements.  Both he and his wife were killed by the villain Solomon Grundy. They left behind a son, Ryan Tyler, who would eventually follow his father’s footsteps and join the new Justice Society as Hourman II.

Who is in the new Justice Society of America?

With her stepfather and former Justice Society member by her side, Stargirl leads a team of misfits turned superheroes who work together to combat evil, stop crime and fight the Injustice Society of America. Recruited from Blue Valley High School, the team includes Ryan as Hourman II, high school outcast Yolanda Montez as Wildcat II and smart girl Beth Chapel as Dr. Mid-Nite II.

Courtney’s stepfather Pat dons a 15-foot robot suit and takes on a new persona as S.T.R.I.P.E. to assist the group

Who is the Injustice Society of World?

Put all the DC comic villains on one team, and you have the Injustice Society of World. Lead by the Icicle, the Injustice Society includes all the bad guys you love to hate, including Brain Wave, Sportsmaster, Dragon King, Tigress and Solomon Grundy.

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Seeking revenge after the death of his wife, Icicle assembles the team of super-villains intending to remake the United States. Each villain has their unique evil ability.

Injustice Society members also moved to Blue Valley after the battle and assumed different mainstream identities while still secretly working together on their Project New America masterplan. The Blue Valley area was the perfect home base to spread their plan to the six surrounding states.

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