The Technology of the Online Casino Today

Betting online is an all-the-time favorite pastime to many these days. It has been a fad for quite some time especially after a Microgaming software company from the Isle of Man introduced the possibility of wagering online thru a gadget in 2004, the same software company which innovated the online casino in 1994.

The competition of the virtual casino in the online industry is too intense because there are too many new casino sites sprung almost on a daily basis promising the best to the players. It cannot be helped that some of them might be fraud or has some issues. can assist you to look for a legit and safe online casino that assures satisfaction in the wide variety of games offered on their featured casino sites. The company is meticulous in choosing the gambling site that they introduce for a guaranteed excellent online wagering experience for the players.

The Technology in Online Gambling


The gaming software is the backbone of the casino site and the reason the players patronize the gambling site. Around 3,000 or more types of casino games are available in standard gaming software. Some casino sites have more than two software for their players to patronize them and for their casino site to remain as one of the most sought-after casino sites in the online industry.

At present highly developed software is easy to navigate, free from malware, spyware, and other viruses, free from lags, and convenient in downloading. The most notable casino software is always updated to meet the demands of the players.

The following are the top 10 online casino software:

  1. Micogaming
  2. Cryptologic
  3. NETent
  4. Betsoft
  5. NYX
  6. Novomat
  7. Merkur
  8. IGT
  9. Real-Time Gaming
  10. Playtech

There is a lot more reliable gaming software that is trusted by major casino sites like the Aristocrat software which is recognized for their world famous slot machine games.


Random Number Generation is a mathematical Algorithm that is responsible for the randomness and unpredictability of the outcome of the game. Hence, the RNG makes sure that the throw of the dice and the spin of the slot are fair even if played virtually.


The online casinos of today make sure that it has state of an art firewall that is capable of detecting malicious sites which threaten to invade the system and get unwanted access to important data. Firewalls immediately crush or eliminate it before it penetrates the casino site. This is because the latest firewalls keep certain parameters for certain traffic allowed.

Distributed Denial of Service is one of the major threats that the majority of online casinos are facing now and the presence of a sturdy and strong firewall can prevent any cyber malicious attack.


The Secure Sockets Layer is also used and common in major banks worldwide and is also used in the majority of online casinos. Top online casinos implemented the use of SSL because encrypts the private information of both the operator and the player within seconds it detects cyber anomalies. The SSL also provides identification about the web server hence hacking the casino site with SSL is not a walk in the park.


Transport Layer Security is another cryptographic protocol that is quite similar to the SSL but an improvised version. It is also widely used in most big businesses and banks and now is also trusted in online casinos because it ensures privacy to the operator and impotent information of the players and secures the data of the casino site, especially in communication over the internet. The TLS and the SSL perform the same function but only differs in their versions and which one was developed first.

Final Insight:

The online casino is guaranteed its safety and security. Casino sites also upgrade fast to cope with the advancement of technology. The online casino is flexible and the industry will continue to prosper in many years to come.

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