The Ultimate Guide: Buying PC Monitors

You’re a gamer, professional, or an individual with basic needs, and hence you’re searching for the best PC monitors. Moreover, you may or may not know how to make a smart buying decision and select an ideal PC monitor.

Stores online have great deals and come in an array of choices, and you can look for PC monitors from JW or amazon as these websites have the most extensive collections. They carry models specific to video editors, gamers, programmers, and other types of computer users so that you can find the right kind of monitor based on your needs.

In this guide, you will learn about the things you should consider while buying PC monitors. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Things to Consider While Buying Monitors

Monitors vary greatly and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. For the typical personal buyer, monitors may differ from standard-definition TVs up to expensive cutting-edge gaming monitors. However, everyone will need a monitor at some point.

Many essential features that go into choosing a monitor that you should consider for yourself are as follows.


Before looking for a monitor, determine its purpose. Different monitors cater to different needs, so decide what you won’t need it for. Whether you want to purchase it for gaming, professional or business use, or general use.

If you are a gamer, monitors with faster frame rates and low response time are ideal for you. Likewise, if you’re a professional, prioritize colour accuracy. If you intend to use your monitor for general use, purchase a monitor with a high-contrast VA panel.


The resolution of your monitor will determine the sharpness of images. Thus, go with a higher resolution for clarity and sharpness. The minimum resolution you would require is 1080p or FHD. The maximum resolution for the monitor is 4K.


Speaking of size, it is the pixel density. Moreover, 109 pixels per inch is the ideal size or pixel density you should look for.

Refresh Rates

The refresh rates indicate the number of times your monitor will update with new information per second. You can measure the refresh rates in hertz (Hz).

Thus, a monitor with a higher refresh rate is better. You can have smoother images, and you will find them less choppy.

Response Time

Gamers, this is for you! You need to prioritize the response time especially. The time taken by the monitor to change to pixel from black to white is the response time. In the case of GTF response rate – from one shade of grey to another.

If your monitor has a longer response time, you may experience motion blur.

Panel Tech

If you’re looking for image quality, look at the panel tech of the monitor closely. VA panels are considered the best for image quality. They have the best contrast.

Curved Monitor

For an immersive experience, choose a curved monitor. These monitors provide a large field of view and are relatively less eye-straining.

The best-curved monitors are ultra-wide.


Monitors are tiny machines that sit on your computer screen and electrical power signals sent to your device of choice. PC monitors from JW and other such websites range from LCD monitors to OLED displays, each with different uses and features.

You will, consequently, have to make a choice when purchasing a monitor for your home. Whether you are an artist or a programmer, there’s always at least one monitor close by to catch your fancy!

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