The Ultimate Homemade Christmas Quiz

During Christmas it is often time to come together with family and friends. Christmas can sometimes look a bit similar every year without change, but that doesn’t make it any less cozy of course. For example, do you always go for a gourmet meal, go on a Christmas walk or cook together with the family, but are you now ready for something different this year? Then it might be fun to make a Christmas quiz yourself. In this blog we help you create a Christmas quiz that is fun for the whole family. Read on and start making questions for your own Christmas quiz!

Christmas facts

For a Christmas quiz, it is fun to come up with some questions about Christmas. You can come up with some questions about standard Christmas facts. There are a lot of questions about Christmas, from which you can find the answers online. For example: ‘How many Christmas cards are sent every year in a particular country? Or for example the question: How do you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in Spanish?

Family facts

You can of course come up with a lot of questions about your own family. Think about questions about age, birthnames, hobbies and jobs. Come up with other questions about birthdays, marriage, residences, etc.  For example, do you have family members that lived abroad? Who was this, where did he or she live and for how long? Or which family member always puts up the Christmas tree first? Enough interesting questions to think of and it’s also nice to get to know each other a little bit better.

Guessing questions

It’s also always nice to add a few questions that nobody really knows the answer to. These can be general questions such as: ‘how many pairs of shoes are sold per year in a particular country?’ Or consider, for example, Christmas-related questions such as: ‘how many lights are there in 6 meter tall flagpole Christmas trees?’ or ‘how many Christmas trees are sold per year?” Let the gambling begin! Tip: make sure you can find the answer somewhere online, otherwise you won’t know the answer yourself.

Tips for a perfect Christmas quiz

Make teams of two or three people, but divide it fairly! For example, make sure that people from different families and ages are together in a team, so it remains a fair game. It is also advisable to appoint one or two game leaders and to write down the answers in advance. This way, there can never be a disagreement about the answer, because the most important thing is fun during the game. Even if you have a very competitive family.

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