The Value of Sending Handwritten Birthday Cards

In an ever-evolving world that continues to progress and heavily relies on digital technology, it’s sad to think that social media likes and interactions are equated to personal relationships. Feelings are now represented by emoticons. Actual conversations are replaced by chats and instant messaging.

In our fast-paced environment, have we realized how quickly we are losing personal connection with important people in our life, such as our family, friends, family and colleagues? Advancement in technology has a lot of positive effects especially in communications and doing business but it should not come to the point of sacrificing personal connections, real human interactions.

Amidst digitalization, we can’t deny that many people are longing for real connections, the one that actually comes from the heart, something that brings warmth and joy. A personal correspondence is a thoughtful gesture to make genuine connection and it can be done through a handwritten personalized card especially during someone’s birthday. You can be sure that your birthday greeting will reflect your character, will send your message loud and clear and will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Why send handwritten personalized birthday cards?

Instant attention grabber. Just like greeting cards, personalized birthday cards that are written by the hand are much effective in sending out a message than via email and other instant messaging apps. With lots of emails coming in someone’s inbox, there’s a possibility that the message could be left unread for a day, a week or forever. It’s the same case for instant messaging such as PMs and DMs using social media apps, when a lot of messages are coming in, the receiver sometimes finds it hard to go over each message to read and get whatever message there is. But with a personalized handwritten card, there is an instant command of attention, and once received, it urges the receiver to immediately open the card and read what’s inside. This is a surefire way of getting your message across.

Visually appealing and engaging. There’s a visual appeal in sending a handwritten personalized card, but more than that is a special touch of thoughtfulness it implies. Not only it feels good to essentially have a touchable note that shows appreciation, smile on the receiver’s face. To make sure you have a unique one specially designed for the celebrant, you can avail a birthday card service offering to do the trick for you. This service is automated but the message is definitely hand written. There are robots that can perfectly copy human hand writing. Yes, those robots with hands that are similar to human can actually replicate even your penmanship. Sounds unbelievable but technology has made it possible just to make someone feel more worthy and loved.

Receiver feels more valued. When you spend time and extra effort on something that means you value the person who will receive your work of art. This is why most of the time, a personalized birthday gift or card gives an instant uplifting feeling. No digital messages can ever replace something that has a personal touch. Handwritten cards and notes that match the message you want to impart will always be inspiring. A handwritten personalized card will clearly express how much you value a person.

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