The Wildest Legendaries You Can Have in Borderlands 3

The Borderlands series has been known for its crazy weaponry that you can obtain as loot throughout your playthrough. Over the games in the series, the developers have been getting very creative with how the rarest guns in the game, the legendaries, deal with the enemies. The first Borderlands game was also the one that had popularized the whole and fairly new genre of ‘looter-shooter’ in the video game industry. A looter shooter is basically a combination of an FPS, an RPG, and most of the time, an MMO. Haven’t tried Borderlands 3 yet? Consider visiting Gamecamp where you can buy Borderlands 3 cd key for a cheap price, you can even get your hands on other older games, like Borderlands cd key for a bargain.

Every Borderlands game has weapons manufacturers that develop guns according to their own preferred style, for example, we have Hyperion that focus on accuracy, DAHL on burst fires and standard fire rate, Jakobs that have a high damage but high recoil and Bandit or Scav guns that have a deep magazine reserve. In addition to the manufacturers and their guns, there is a rarity system in all of the games, including Borderlands 3, and in this article, we will be taking a look at the Legendary guns that you can find in the game. Keep in mind that these guns are very very hard to obtain, and that there is no straightforward way to obtain them, like how exotics work in Destiny 2, all you are dependant upon to obtain them, is luck or an extremely serious cost.

Unescapable Sellout

The first one on this list is the Unescapable Sellout, and the thing that makes this gun really standout is because of its voiceover. Every time you shoot the gun, it makes fun of you, and it can get really entertaining seeing as how the gun was specifically built to roast you. The gun has the voice of Tyreen Calypso, and to obtain it you have to commit suicide in the Eden-6 side quest.

Ten Gallon

Next up is the Tediore-manufactured weapon named Ten Gallon. Aside from the odd reload feature of the usual Tediore guns, which is that you toss the weapon away as it explodes, the Ten Gallon from Borderlands 3 takes this one step further into absurdity. After the reloading animation, the discarded gun will begin to float and follow the character, as if possessed by the ghost, and it will act as a hovering turret.


Many of the guns in the Borderlands series are a reference to pop-culture, the Superball is one of them. There’s an item that is seemingly a reference to Gearbox Software founder Randy Pitchford’s controversial misadventures with a USB drive. However, the Superball is not one of them, in fact, the Superball is a reference to a seemingly tame. It is even demonstrated by what the weapon does itself, it fires glowing balls of fire that bounce along the ground at a very slow rate. The fireballs are familiar though, they move like a 3D version of Super Mario Bros’ Fire Flower power-up.

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