Thing To Avoid Saying to Your Workers Compensation Doctor – Virginia 

To get workers’ compensation benefits in Virginia, you must consult a doctor who has been appointed by your employer to treat your sickness or injury. He or she will have a lot of say in how your claim and benefits are handled. For example, the claim’s physician of record assesses when the workers’ compensation claimant is ready to return to work.

It’s simple to jeopardize your claim if you don’t follow the physicians’ orders and show up for follow-up appointments. In many states, workers’ compensation beneficiaries are required to see designated medical experts.

It is always a better option to take legal advice from a Virginia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer.

What Not to Tell Your Worker’s Compensation Doctor

If your workers’ compensation claim is challenged at any time, you may be required to attend a hearing to demonstrate that you are eligible for payments. If you, your doctor, or anybody else needs to testify about something you said or did when interacting with doctors, it should stand up to examination.

Avoid these blunders:

1. Don’t Make Your Symptoms Exaggerated

Yes, you want to make sure your doctor is aware of your symptoms. Workers’ compensation physicians, on the other hand, are typically well-trained to identify inflated claims and fake demonstrations of pain.

You may believe that faking your symptoms would enhance your chances of receiving an extensive workers’ compensation payment. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

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2. Don’t Say Anything Negative About Your Boss

Don’t be obnoxious or challenging, and don’t criticize your job.

It’s very likely that as an injured employee, you have some negative sentiments against your company. This is quite normal. You want your doctor to have a favorable, glowing opinion of you, and you want him or her to be on your side.

3. Failure to correctly describe your accident.

Your doctor will inquire as to how you were injured. You may be asked to explain your accident several times. Stick to the fundamentals. If there are inconsistencies in your tale at any stage, this might be a significant issue. There may be witnesses to your collision, as well as security camera footage. You don’t want to give the insurance company an opportunity to question what happened.

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4. Failing to disclose your medical history.

Doctors should inquire whether you’ve had any previous injuries. Workers’ compensation insurers frequently exploit a past injury or sickness to claim that an employee’s condition is not work-related, even though they need to know how to treat you appropriately. This makes some patients hesitant or hesitant to discuss previous medical concerns, which is a mistake.

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