Things One Should Know About The Cooking Of Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis Sativa is a different way to experience the recreational and medicinal benefits.

Although it is believed to be a recent trend, there are records of this practice. It was used to combat rheumatism, epilepsy, fever, and other diseases.

Hemp and cannabis are the two varieties of the cannabis Sativa plant that are used in the kitchen. Hemp, for its part, has more CBD content than THC (0.3%). It is a non-psychoactive variety and has stimulating effects on the central nervous system.

Cannabis has more THC content (10-30%) than CBD, and it is the psychoactive variety of the plant.  Hemp is considered a superfood since it offers a natural blend of easily digestible proteins, omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamins, and enzymes, without too much sugar, saturated fats, or starches. 33% of hemp seeds are proteins.

Hemp seed intake is believed to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, increase energy, aid in weight loss, provide rapid recovery from illness, decrease inflammation, and improve the immune system’s circulation.

Ingesting cannabis orally is one of the lowest risk forms, mainly since possible damage to the respiratory system is eliminated.

Cooking with marijuana is not simply adding a handful of the plant to food or drinks. This causes the majority of poisonings and bad trips by ingestion. For the preparation to be adequate, indications of presentation of the substance, temperature, and interaction with other ingredients must be followed.  

When foods with THC are consumed, the effect is later; some people refer that it can be more profound and longer-lasting than if it is smoked, so it is recommended that the preparations have low doses.

General Recommendations

  • Do not consume any psychoactive substance if you do so other than regularly.
  • Take care of yourself physically before, during, and after consumption through nutrition and hydration.
  • Implement detoxification strategies the days after consumption

Warning Signs

Suppose you feel the need to increase the dose to feel the affects you initially felt, take a break, and not consume for a long time. In that case, this will decrease tolerance. Keep it there through non-habitual consumption, that is, do not take part of your routine or that the consumption does not present a pattern.

Do You Want To Detox?

 There is a designed DETOX program at home: 7 days with nutritional advice, physical activity, recipes (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), mindfulness exercises, imagery exercises, and steam baths; give your body a detoxification day once every six months and avoid negative consequences for your health in the medium and long term.

Do You Want To Manage Your Consumption?

Please book an appointment with our healthcare professionals. Find out whether you have a problem using and acquire strategies to reduce risks and harm from using psychoactive substances and naturally calming properties of CBD so that CBD won’t get you high.

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