Things to consider when buying a money counting machine.

Technology has made things easier for us. There is no lie in it; whether it’s daily life easy tasks or heavy jobs like counting stacks of money from a mixed denomination bill counter, technology has helped a lot.

The bliss of technology is, specifically, countless when it comes to heavy jobs of counting cash. Gone are the days when people had to constantly sit in one place and count piles of cash by hand. Now bill counter such as the Ribao BC-55 can save you from worries and time wastage.

But to decide which machine is best suitable for you, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

Let’s find out those points to make a better decision for you!

Things to consider while buying a money counter:

The money counter machines come in varieties depending upon price, functioning and features. But you need to act wise and choose what fulfills your needs.

Note down the following points to avoid a wrong decision.

1) Consider the features of the machine:


More features mean more benefits, but what’s its use if you never get to use them. Keep in mind the nature of your job to make a final decision. Suppose you work for a simple convenience store or a small workplace. In that case, check a few things like the fake cash detector feature, and you are good to go.

Highly specialized machines are fit for big workplaces where it is impossible to keep account of money.

2) Speed, weight and size of the machine:

Do not get blind by the bling of money counters when visiting a store. There are countless fancy machines, but you are not there for bling, right?

Shortlist 5 to 6 suitable machines you have eyes on. Then individually check their weight, size and speed. Speed is the most important feature you need to look up to for a smooth working experience.

3) Price of the machine:

If you believe that every expensive thing is good, stop for a minute and think again. The market is full of imposters ready to take your money away.

Buy wisely and according to your needs, or things may go south for you. Stay within your budget and avoid paying more than needed.

And that’s a wrap:

Buying technical stuff needs a lot of research and focus because they are generally expensive, and you buy them for a longer time.
Through research on market money counters, we concluded that Ribao mixed denomination bill counter BC55 is a money counting machine worthy of investment by small business owners, because it supports 12 currencies, can automatically identify the denomination, is stable and reliable, and has all the functions you need.

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