Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Boarding School For Your Child

A lot of children find it challenging to study with all the pressure that comes from regular school. Taking admission to a boarding school helps a child explore and learn new things without being under peer pressure or judged by others. Many parents also believe that boarding school is the best way to indulge a child in discipline and study in a rigorous environment. If you are looking for a few tips before selecting the best boarding schools for girls in India, here we are to make your selection easier.

1. What are their offerings

So, the first thing that comes up when selecting the best school for your child is what is on offer. You should be aware of the subjects they offer and the other facilities like the swimming pool, library, tennis court, etc. It is possible for some boardings to not have extra facilities at all while others have more than one to offer.

2. Knowing about the reputation of the institution

Studying the review and knowing about the overall reputation of the school is an important part. These days everything is available online so, you can easily check users’ ratings on websites. If the institution was referred to you by someone, it’s always best to know more about it from them. You can also ask other people who have been there for study purposes. If it’s a popular one, people will know a lot about it. 

3. Size of the school and classes

The size of the school and class matters a lot. You don’t want it to be a big school with huge classes and students stuffed inside one section. If you wish that your daughter should be given appropriate attention during the study, try to select a place with smaller classrooms and batches. Small schools might not give your child enough facilities and extracurricular activities to follow as a hobby, so do the opposite here. Try to find a big school with smaller batches

4. Extracurricular activities they offer

Best boarding schools for girls in India should always be replete with activities to offer a distraction from studies once in a while. You must remember that your child will spend a long time in boarding, so they need something to release their stress. Extracurricular activities like swimming, badminton, football, basketball and skating are some of the major sports that one should play to keep active. Plays, choirs, and art and craft should also be a part of their curriculum. 

5. Fees for one session

Once you are through with the list of schools and selected the best ones out of them all, it’s time to ask queries regarding fees, taxes, and the breakup of the fee structure. You must check what you are being charged for before making the payment because you never know they might make a mistake, you might make a mistake, and the result is you paying extra money for the same services. Always be clear what all they are charging you for and what is the term of fees. A lot of schools offer annual, quarterly, and session-wise options.

6. What your child thinks about it

After selecting the best one on the list, it’s essential for you to take your child’s opinion. They should be comfortable with where they are going to stay and study for a long time. Take their queries and clear them out in your way. We know they might not be ready for it, but you have to find a way and help them prepare for it. Explain to them the benefits and ask them to state the reason why they don’t want to do it. We are sure you will find the best way out.

7. Decide when you get a tour

The last step for selecting the best one on the list is visiting the institution for a tour. You should be able to see each part of the campus to judge if it is the right place for your child or not. Make sure o visit the place they will live in if you opt for the school hostel. Everything should be clean and tidy. Try to meet the teachers and talk to them about the curriculum. Make sure to take your daughter along. She should be the one to make the decision. 

Based on these seven tips, we are sure you can select one of the best boarding schools for girls in India. The competition may be tough but, make sure you choose what your child likes. After all, they have to spend a good amount of time there. Once you think this is the right school for your child, have a word with the principal and introduce them to your child. Ensure all the teachers have a good way of talking and treat your child respectfully no matter what.

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