Things To Consider When Looking To Buy Properties

If you’re looking for investment properties, you’ll want to find out what’s available in your desired location in Emaar properties. You should also review the number of flats on offer and compare this to past periods. If more homes are available than usual, you may have a tough time finding something that suits your needs at a reasonable price.

We’ll take you through few steps to help you find the best properties in any location, plus tips on how not to go bankrupt while doing it.


This may seem like a given, but you’ll want to look for flats in areas that are close to amenities. It would be best if you also considered how close it is to your place of work. If you’re planning on buying a flat for rental purposes, then you’ll want to see what access the area has by public transport links. Be sure to visit the location on foot and use Google Street View wherever possible before finalizing your investment purchase.


This is also something you should look at when buying an investment property. You should always ask for a copy of the Council’s Facilities Condition Reports and the building report for further information on this. You’ll want to inspect what sort of flooring is in place and if there are any problems with the electrics or plumbing. Also, make sure to check out what repairs have been needed recently and if there have been any significant changes that might affect the flat’s current state of repair.


Don’t forget to visit the property to check out the outside of the flats. You’ll want to look out for any external problems, such as loose and missing paving slabs, cracked bricks and uneven paving. If you notice anything obviously wrong with the flat, then don’t hesitate to call a builder or an architect immediately. You should also ask estate agents, who should have specific information on basic maintenance and repairs in the flats.


Finding the perfect flat in a great location isn’t enough if the neighbors are a nightmare. You’ll want to ask some neighbors to see if they have any information regarding past history in the flats and other local goings-on. it is not talking about playing detective and getting involved in neighborhood disputes, but it’s important that you know what sort of people live nearby before you buy. Find out about nearby local schools and universities that might be disruptive for daytime, evening or weekend plans for your property.

Close To Transport

You’ll also need to find out which transport links are close by to the property. Some flats may already have a garage and car park, whilst others would have more limited parking and other services. Be sure to check out the local bus routes and the closest railway stations. 

Monthly Rent

The monthly rent you can charge is going to depend on a number of factors. There are plenty of online tools that can help with these calculations, including the Office for National Statistics Rental Service and the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. You should also track rental and property price inflation, as well as interest growth over time. You must be able to get higher rent than your mortgage payments at all times, or else you’ll end up losing money in the long run.

Withholding Tax

You need to know whether the property is exempt from Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. You’ll only be able to do this by getting a tax accountancy expert involved, as the reliefs are complicated.

Condition Repair Costs

When you’re looking for properties in need of repair, you’ll want to factor in all the costs for fixing these up, including expenses for contractors as well as fees for architects and surveyors. You should also account for the cost of last-minute changes and improvements that need to be made.

Repairs And Maintenance

You should check up on any repairs to the flat and any existing maintenances. If there are no maintenance notes, you might have a problem that could cost you thousands of pounds if left unresolved for too long. You will want to determine how quickly these repairs can be carried out and if any calls or emergency visits from professionals are necessary or mandatory.

Staying On Top Of Repair Costs

After you have bought the flat, you need to continue monitoring repair costs. You’ll want to track anything that changes with the flat’s condition and also make sure that there are no hidden charges that may arise later. A good idea would be to budget up to 10% of the purchase price for repairs and maintenance each year. A great way to do this is by keeping an ongoing list of repairs and maintenance information and receipts of any work carried out.

5 Reasons You Should Hire an Architect For Your Property Project Do you know that there are many different types of things one can do to make a living? Nowadays, it has been observed that a lot of people will choose to do either business or work for others. 

Almost all of the people who will do this will have a lot of work to do since they have many things to do. If you have a lot of work and need someone to help you, these professional and professional architects are the right choice for you. These professionals can provide you with anything you need and make your life easier. Today. So, what are some of the things that we can expect in this type of housing project? First, an architect will be able to help you to make a custom-made house or home. 

This kind of thing is truly remarkable for everyone. You will have a chance to live in your house exactly how you want it since you have been given full power and control. Other architects suggest you have things changed to make the home attractive. Another thing you should know is that this type of architect will help you to have the project done and completed at the right time.

On top of that, they will teach you how to do it and, at the same time, give you some tips on how you can avoid doing it again. Aside from that, this professional will also help you make all your needs involved in your project. You will be able to have the ideas and thoughts for your home project. They will help you with how you can make your home into something truly the best for you.


Finding your Emaar new projects in Dubai If you are someone who wants to start a building project, then you should know that there are going to be a lot of things that you need. From professionals who do this line of work to other contractors and experts, you need some things for your dream to become a reality.

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