Things to Do in Podgorica

Podgorica is not only the largest city in Montenegro in terms of area and population, but also the most developed, thanks to which the rest of the visitors are provided at the highest level. There is also an airport that accepts all European flights, a developed railway network, and highways. Of course, foremost, visitors will ask what things to do in Podgorica. Although during the Second World War the city was almost destroyed, a huge number of historical memorial sites, architectural masterpieces, and, of course, picturesque nature has been preserved here.

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

A huge Orthodox church was opened here only 12 years ago, although its construction began in 1993. The project was financed both by the state and by the residents themselves, who wanted to contribute to such an important and necessary project for the city.

The temple is located on the opposite bank of the Moraca River from the Old City. As for the building style, neo-Byzantine notes are “heard” in it: large stone slabs with which the facade is lined, as well as exquisite paintings inside the room based on the Old and New Testaments. The church reaches a height of 34 meters and can accommodate up to 5 thousand parishioners. There are 14 bells installed here, the weight of the largest is 11 tons.

The temple is open for visiting free of charge at any time, but it is better to get to the evening 17:00 or morning 8:00 service. Don’t forget that arms, legs, shoulders, and chest must be covered – after all, this is a holy place – and women need to cover their heads with a scarf.

Old Fortress of Medun

This is a kind of fortified city, which is located a little east of Podgorica itself, near the village of Kuci. Unfortunately, during the war, the fortress was destroyed, and now there are only ruins in its place.

Medun is the personification of the history of Montenegrins, it stores a lot of information about military affairs and interesting military operations. This place can tell a lot about the heroism of the people.

The most popular street in Podgorica – Hercegovacka

This pedestrian street is central and is located one block away if you go north of Independence Square.

Here, in the city center, locals and visitors gather for business meetings and dates, and tourists make a promenade along modern streets, where the main sights of the capital are concentrated. Shoppers will appreciate the abundance of boutiques and cafes located along Hercegovacka Street literally on top of each other.

Park Krusevac

This luxurious complex was erected by the ruler Nikola I Petrovich-Njegosh for his wife in 1889. Nowadays, on its territory, there is the Gallery of Modern Art in the capital, which presents interesting exhibits from various parts of the world: Asian and African paintings and sculptures, the collection of Josip Broz Tito, etc.

Old Turkish Clock tower

In the old part of the city, there is a former Turkish watchtower, which the Turks called Sakhat-kula. It was built in the 16th century, after which it was converted into a minaret. It is a building 19 meters long, which miraculously survived after a flurry of bombardments.

The tower is located on the square of Vojvode Becic beg Osmanagic, which we also recommend seeing at your leisure.

In 2012, the tower’s bell was replaced with a modern digital clock.

Park Forest Hill Gorica

Have you ever wondered why the capital of Montenegro is called Podgorica? Among many parks in Podgorica, the most popular is park forest Gorica. It translates as under Gorica, and Gorica is a local hill and a symbol of the city, 130 meters above sea level. Lovers of picnics and secluded outdoor recreation gather here. Hiking trails, bike paths, and panoramic platforms for beautiful photo shoots are organized for tourists.

On the hill, the old fund of local flora has miraculously been preserved, so a walk with an inspection of local landscapes is a mandatory item on the tourist list.

Fans of ancient architecture can look into St. George’s Church, which was built at the very foot of the hill. You can also visit the mausoleum and monument built in honor of the fallen soldiers of World War II.

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