Things To Know About Funny Thongs

Thongs have evolved beyond their nylon-and-spandex origins to offer breathable frontal support with less fabric that helps contain your genitals and minimize ride-up, wedgies, and chafing.

Thongs also feature less material in the leg openings, so there are no visible panty lines to contend with – another reason to love funny thongs!


Cotton thongs are designed to be as comfortable and attractive as they are comfortable. Not only do they boast a high tech design, but also offer several advantages like odor control and breathability. Plus, the cotton material is lightweight and hypoallergenic, making them suitable for office or other functions requiring privacy. What’s more? These underwears are the cheapest and easiest to find around. Whether you want to treat yourself or someone special, we’ve got what you need – no matter the occasion!

Start by browsing our selection of the finest thongs in town. With tongue-in-cheek humor to hysterics, we have something for everyone. Next time you need a laugh, give yourself or your partner an edge with one of these funky thongs – we promise not to regret it!


Lace thongs are an ideal option for women who want to feel sexy without being restricted. They have more stretch than most panties and help prevent “muffin tops” caused by thin elastic bands (such as those found on g-strings).

Lace can be a little delicate under tight bottoms, so it is best to reserve them for special occasions or days when you don’t need full coverage from a bra. Lace up your lingerie and get ready for some fun! This collection of funny lingerie pics is sure to put a smile on your face.

A lace thong is much more comfortable than other panties, especially if made of polyamide. It feels like a second skin and won’t dig in or fold down, allowing you to wear them however often desired.


Mesh underwear offers a unique feel without being restrictive, which can be especially helpful for women who have recently undergone abdominal surgery or are expecting. Mesh underwear also breathes well, so you’ll stay dry and comfortable during intense workouts. Mesh underwear is the ideal solution for protecting your nether regions, as it helps you avoid that unpleasant feeling that comes with sweating in public. There are various kinds of mesh underwear available, from stretch mesh thongs to novelty items made out of breathable chiffon. Mesh can help keep you dry and comfortable regardless of what activity you choose to do. Finding the ideal mesh thong is key to looking and feeling your best on and off the dance floor. So don’t wait any longer – get yours from one of the top online companies today! You won’t regret it!

Animal Print

Animal prints are a widely beloved pattern in fashion. You’ll see them on coats, skirts, handbags, lingerie and accessories as well as home furnishing textiles like curtains, draperies, pillows, duvet covers and rugs.

Women adore these prints as they make them appear glamorous and sophisticated. There are various patterns available, such as leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, giraffe, striped hyena, African wild dog and monkey.

Animal print has been a timeless trend that continues to hold supremacy in the fashion world. These patterns have long been seen as a status symbol among upper classes, and many designers have taken this theme into their collections. If you want to show off your wild side, ABC Underwear offers microfiber cheetah or low-rise leopard printed thongs – they’re bold enough for anyone to appreciate, plus comfortable enough for on-the-go use while staying cool and dry!

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