Things to Know About Texture For Procreate

Procreate creates the experience of physical media through its varied brush textures and washes, but with hundreds of brush options, it may be challenging to select those best suited to you.

Cory Romeiser has designed a set of texture brushes to help add weathered effects to your designs in Procreate. In this article he shares them so you can craft realistic drawings, paintings, and art with just the right procreate texture brush.

Roughness map

Procreate is an indispensable digital painting app used by digital artists worldwide. With easy navigation menus and tools that replicate real world painting methods, Procreate makes digital painting accessible for digital artists of all kinds.

Version 5.2 of the app now enables users to directly paint on 3D models as well as 2D canvasses; brush strokes will automatically snap to fit onto the surface of each model.

Importing 3D models into Procreate should include an UV map to enable accurate painting without altering their original textures. It is vital that each model comes complete with such a map so you can apply paint without altering their appearance.

Roughness maps (also referred to as glossiness or microsurface scattering) describe how light is scattered on a model’s surface. Starting at zero and increasing up to an ideal maximum value, roughness maps affect how lighting interacts with your model.

Height maps can also be created from normal maps. Height maps work similarly to normal maps in that they add smaller details into a base mesh; however, unlike normal maps which simply simulate this effect by simulating its geometry without actually tessellating your base mesh properly, height maps actually tessellate your mesh instead of simulating its geometry artificially.

Metallic map

Procreate is the ideal 3D modeling and editing app, giving you complete freedom when it comes to creating and editing 3D models. Simply paint on your model to move, edit, recolor or delete elements without altering its original texture.


Procreate is an award-winning digital drawing and painting app with a comprehensive suite of tools and techniques, making it accessible for beginners as well as experienced artists alike. Easy to learn, Procreate is the ideal companion for both amateurs and pros alike.

Procreate offers various ways of adding texture to your work, and one of the quickest and easiest is the color map feature. It allows you to quickly change colors in your artwork without taking hours and hours away from creating something beautiful!

Use gradients in your artwork to change its hues or even add gradients within its background, whether that means linear or radial gradients based on your needs.

Procreate offers another method for creating gradients using its Feather feature to soften edges with its soft/blurry edges feature. This approach works well when creating tie-die designs or flowing backgrounds.

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