Things to Know About the Relx Infinity Vape Pen

The relx infinity pod style vaping device boasts pre-filled pods of 1.9ml capacity with type C charging technology and Super Smooth technology for ultra smooth vaping sessions. Additionally, this pod device comes equipped with a case and charging dock featuring 2 pogo pins that securely click into place when wireless charging occurs and promises multiple days between charges.


Pods facilitate efficient node-to-node communication by delegating and completing tasks within containers in a pod, which have an indefinite lifetime until either they exit, terminate, or are removed from it for some other reason.

The RELX Infinity pod device boasts a sleek unibody construction of aluminum with rounded corners for an ergonomic and smooth experience. Additionally, its USB-C charging case can easily snap into place at its base.

The Infinity is equipped with a 380mah internal battery that is recharged via its USB-C charging port on its base, while an auto alert system alerts you when taking 15 puffs within 15 minutes – an invaluable feature for those wanting to monitor their consumption. Infinity pods also come with leakproof lids designed with 11 layers to keep condensation at bay and stop any e-liquid from leaking out from within them – an attractive yet practical device to choose when considering alternatives to Juul pods.


RELX batteries are specifically designed to deliver long-term, high-quality vaping experiences. Their patented 11-layer maze structure prevents condensation and leakage of e-liquid. Plus they have a convenient magnetic charging port! Each charge of this rechargeable battery produces up to 190 puffs!

This device is easy to maintain, charging at home or while on the move is quick and simple; its LED indicator light pulses white during charging before shutting off when fully charged – for best results it should be charged once every week or more often if possible.

The RELX Infinity has an internal battery with an impressive capacity of 380mAh that provides enough juice for one full day of heavy usage. Its patented design is stylish, ergonomic, and portable; while its Leak-Resistance Maze coil and Smart Pace Vibration technology help provide a smoother experience. Furthermore, LED lights display when smoking 15 times in 15 minutes to help monitor consumption levels more accurately.


Relx, established in 2018, is an emerging vaping manufacturer. They conduct extensive independent research and design of their products – tailored directly for vapers by vapers – which has led them to win the Red Dot award for 2020. Their products are small, pocket-friendly, lightweight, with excellent battery life and vapor quality – ideal characteristics of success for any manufacturer!

Relx Infinity is a pod-based vaping device with a 380mAh internal battery and pass-through technology, compatible with Relx Pro Pods that hold 1.9mL of nicotine salt e-liquid and are available in various flavors. Furthermore, this leakproof coil features 11 structural layers for improved leak-resistance.

Charge it easily using the included micro-USB cable; an LED indicator light illuminates while charging, turning off when complete, and features a convenient clip for portability. You also get a charging case equipped with 1500mAh capacity – an optional purchase but an essential complement to Relx Infinity pod device!


RELX is an rapidly expanding brand that blends stylish design with cutting-edge technology. Their pod devices utilize pre-filled e-liquid cartridges for effortless vaping, without messy refilling or coil swapping hassles. Plus, these sleek devices include features such as USB Type C charging ports and smart pace vibration alerts which let you know if you are vaping too quickly!

Liquids have an identifiable volume but variable shape due to intermolecular interactions. They possess higher densities than solids but lack the strong spatial order found in gases. Their viscosity enables convective transfer, with warmer areas expanding and rising while cooler areas contract and sink.

To get the most from your relx infinity, it is essential that you take proper care in looking after it. This involves regularly wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol and keeping it away from children; additionally, making sure there is sufficient nicotine in your system will enhance your vaping experience.

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